Jack Bruce & Robín Trower feat. Gary Husband on drums
Cologne,Germany - Kantine Club, 26.02.2009

master tape>CDr(Philips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flac(8)TLH
align on sector boundaries.

The second show of the short tour,only five gigs.
excellent quality,listen to MP3 samples.
I Saw Gary Husband tonight in Leverkusen as the drummer
for Alan Holdsworth and he said after the show that
no more shows with Bruce/Trower are planned for the next
future. I taped the Holdworth show tonight,excellent
quality,80 min.and I will seed this in the next weeks.
Enjoy this great Jack Bruce show .

For more Details of the Cologne show see here :


Jack Bruce: b, v
Robin Trower: g
Gary Husband: dr

CD 1

01 - Seven Moons
02 - Lives Of Clay
03 - Distant Places Of The Heart
04 - Sunshine Of Your Love
05 - Carmen (New song, unreleased)
06 - She's The One
07 - We're Going Wrong
08 - So Far To Yesterday
09 - Just Another Day
10 - Perfect Place
11 - Bad Case Of Celebrity

CD 2

01 - The Last Door
02 - Come To Me
03 - I'm Home
04 - White Room
05 - Encore break
06 - Politician

flac fingerprints :

b3b7cacd8481cad16006a0848d506546 *CD 1\CD 1.ffp
e70bf2f40c2f0ca552031adbf1ba795b *CD 1\d1 01.Seven Moons.flac
a53f2a8b94628830a2ca02f9ec27ff1d *CD 1\d1 02.Lives of clay.flac
1ae6319ad65c2b5606382256f213b658 *CD 1\d1 03. Distant Places Of The Heart .flac
4414b37da92f9220071f247d0487574b *CD 1\d1 04.Sunshine of your love.flac
db12d35fcbeef5d6dad0882bb0d647fa *CD 1\d1 05.Carmen.flac
44d23c2e944a28ca66c1c1348c2c0e10 *CD 1\d1 06.She`s the one.flac
6254b1de4ee8bffc7e8ad9edd99b7aa7 *CD 1\d1 07.We're Going Wrong .flac
fe1f4759a6777956f393a09a167a0b56 *CD 1\d1 08. So Far To Yesterday .flac
3320dcd6d51e78a4b6f2de0de789e7a5 *CD 1\d1 09.Just Another Day .flac
028d81b7af6a90cead9bacbb8f4686d6 *CD 1\d1 10.Perfect Place .flac
1c7082df7e0b66b5b9f11991403fe502 *CD 1\d1 11.Bad Case Of Celebrity .flac
d97ede58ed2c0da72a9cbe2c97738516 *CD 2\CD 2.ffp
59fdf2c2df71ae3b7c70cdc498827ae7 *CD 2\d2 01.The Last Door .flac
458602297baa0aa5bcdf0ae3e2776df8 *CD 2\d2 02. Come To Me .flac
b7159ca43b41ef68bfdb1b18a8b4e0f6 *CD 2\d2 03.I'm Home .flac
d57028986f62af72944ece8aac65d705 *CD 2\d2 04.White Room .flac
9cebf3a04443abbd664c8367b18af057 *CD 2\d2 05.Encore break.flac
fdef8569716de59ad35ce63d6ce65a07 *CD 2\d2 06.Politician .flac
e2354a5a98b56c130a1846bf636c080e *Jack Bruce & Robin Trower - Cologne,Kantine 2009.02.26.txt