Jack Bruce and Tony Williams 7/14/70
"The Tony Williams Lifetime Sessions
at Olmstead Studios" in New York City.
Recording sessions for "One Word" and
"Two Worlds" studio demo sessions.
The first four tracks are repetitive versions of the same track.
the next five tracks are also repetitive versions of the same track.
I do not know the names of the tracks 5 to 9
but I can assure you and the moderators that
none of these demo's with Jack playing on them
were ever used for any official release(s)
These versions are all in near excellent quality

1 One - take one
2 One - take two
3 One - take three
4 One - take four
5 Unknown - take 6
6 Unknown - take 6
7 Unknown - take 6
8 Unknown - take 6
9 Unknown - take 6

Note: I am not sure why the recording engineer
keeps calling tracks 5 thru 9 all "take six"

taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection