Ginger Baker, Phil Manzanera, Ian Anderson and many others
Sunshine of Your Love � Tribute to Jack Bruce
24 October 2015

This is incomplete I'm afraid but as it hasn't been posted by anyone else I thought it ought to go up. It's missing Traintime at the beginning and Hit and Run is heavily truncated. Also the beginning of No Surrender at the start of the second set is a bit late in.

This is a 24/48 version. 16 bit will follow.


Musical Director � Nitin Sawhney
Aruba Red � Vocals
Ayanna Witter-Johnson � Vocals & Cello
Bernie Marsden � Guitar
Chantelle Nandi � Vocals
Clem Clempson � Lead Guitar
Corin Bruce � Congas
Frank Tontoh � Drums
Ginger Baker � Drums
Hugh Cornwell � Vocals & Guitar
Ian Anderson � Flute
Joss Stone � Vocals
Julie & Chloe � Backing Vocals
Julie Iwheta � Lead Vocals
Kyla Bruce � Vocals & Keyboard
Liam Bailey � Vocals
Mark King � Bass & Vocals
Miles Brett � Violin
Neil Murray � Bass
Nico Bruce � Double Bass
Nitin Sawnhey � Keyboard
Paddy Milner � Keyboard
Phil Manzanera � Guitar
Renell Shaw � Bass
Rob Cass � Vocals
Stealth � Vocals
Tony Remy � Guitar
Uli Jon Roth � Lead Guitar
Vernon Reid � Lead Guitar

Set list:

1. Hit and run
2. I feel free
3. Milonga
4. Don't look now
5. Weird of Hermiston
6. White room
7. Keep it down
8. Hear me calling your name
9. Politician
10. No surrender
11. Rope ladder to the moon
12. Candlelight
13. Tickets to waterfalls
14. Ships in the night
15. Folk song
16. Badge
17. How's tricks
18. I'm so glad
19. Never tell your mother she's out of tune
20. Theme from an imaginary western
21. We're going wrong
22. Sunshine of your love

Recorded on a Roland R 09HR and converted to flac in Magix ACL. Sample in comments.