Jack Bruce And Friends
Jack Bruce: bass & lead vocals, marmonica
Clem Clempson: guitar
David Sancious: keyboards & guitar
Billy Cobham: drums
Toad's Place
New Haven, Ct.
December 29, 1980
audience tape trade (maybe 2nd gen.) >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge 4.5 (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
runtime: 131:03 (minutes/seconds)
disc 1 60:53
1: tightrope > 3:21
2: white room 6:01
3: hit and run 5:45
4: Clem's blues > 4:49
5: livin' without ya 4:44
6: postwar 12:27
7: dancing on air > in this way 10:24 (tape flip, spliced)
8: theme from an imaginary western 6:07
9: facelift 318 7:10

disc 2 70:07
10: there's a forest > morning story > tightrope 15:49
11: drum solo 9:17
12: politician (cuts near end of song) 7:56
13: train time (Jack on harmonica) 5:43
14: keyboard solo > 9:16
15: bird alone 8:28
16: sunshine of your love >
dancin' with Mr. D! (Rolling Stones, instrumental) >
sunshine reprise > 11:09
17: spoonful 2:18
a Billy Jack and roll production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
ever gotten stoned with Jack Bruce? didn't know it ever happened
until I heard this show. might give a little idea of what might
have happened if Jack was the bassist for Mick and co...
(but just as well that he didn't, probably)
this was recorded during the band's second U.S. tour,
before the Europeans got to see it. probably one of the smallest
venues that got to see this tour. partly because of that it is one
of the better aud recordings from the Jack Bruce and Friends tours.
a few weeks earlier they played the Harvard Square Theater in
Cambridge, Mass. for their Boston area show.
my thanks to the taper of this who may be fzmoi69, if not he is likely
the source of what I believe is a copy from the master recording.
there are 2 tape flip cuts in it, neither one is particularly ill-timed
or long lasting. since I don't have a second source of this to splice
in the missing bits, I spliced it the best I could without any "filler".