Jack DeJohnette and Lester Bowie, Yoshi's, Oakland, CA, 1998-08-12, Early & Late Show

Jack DeJohnette - Drums, Piano, Vocals
Lester Bowie - Trumpet

Late set only adds:
Foumadou Don Moye - Drums/Percussion (encore only)
Roscoe Mitchell - Woodwinds/Percussion

Source: Aiwa CM-70 Clip-On Stereo Mic -> Sony WM-D6 -> cassettes
Lineage: Master Tapes -> Sony TC-D5M (Dolby B off) -> E-MU 0404|USB -> Audacity 1.3.9 @ 44.1KHz/16b -> CD Wave -> FLAC 7

Another very interesting show from the 1998 Eddie Moore Jazz Festival at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA, thanks to harwilmer. The day before the Art Ensemble of Chicago show, Lester Bowie and Jack DeJohnette play "duets", with Famodou Don Moye and Roscoe Mitchell joining for the late show having just arrived from Europe.

No speed correction was necessary but some EQ touch-up in the high end was; there is some overmodulation on certain passages on the master. Also some capstan noise throughout. (My D5M developed this problem as well early on in its life; had to replace the capstan to get rid of it ... between this and the D3 DAT hell I noted before all I can say is "Lawd I gots them mean old Sony blues")

Early Show:
1. 1:05
2. 14:40
3. 41:27

Late Show:
1. 14:40 Ntoro 1
2. 13:32 Silver Hollow
3. 16:09
4. 42:36 (with Roscoe Mitchell)
5. 9:49 Yourself (with Don Moye) and outro

Total time:


Thanks to harwilmer here on Dime for lending me his masters.