Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition
Jazz Showcase
Chicago, IL
April 6, 1980
audience recording (see note below)

Jack DeJohnette - drums, piano, melodica
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
David Murray - tenor sax, bass clarinet
Peter Warren - bass, cello

Total Time: 44:46

01 The Blessing (15:49)
02 intro (0:19)
03 India (23:08)
04 Central Park West (5:31)

The late and much missed MM most likely recorded this show from the audience using an unknown cassette recorder. The quality of this recording is much better than his recording of the same band in the same venue two nights before. A copy of his now-lost cassette was made using a TDK AD90 cassette not long after the show and was digitized in 2021.

This performance is not included in these lists of DeJohnette's official releases: