A Robert Collins master recording.

Artist: Jack DeJohnette Special Edition
Date: 10/31/1981
Location: McCabes Guitar Workshop, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Seats: 8th row, center
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300
Source: A:C Master Tape, Stereo
Rating: A
Length: 86 Mins

Musicians: Jack DeJohnette: Drums, Piano; Chico Freeman: Bass Clarinet, Sax;
John Prucell: Alto Sax; Peter Warren: Bass

Notes: In order to preserve the precise dynamics of this concert,
I did NOT apply any compression or alter the levels to make
them lounder. Some songs are extremely low volume (-45 db),
while others max out a 0db. Therefore, this is a very
dynamic concert. The noise on the master tape is so low, that
this allows me to preserve all of the dynamics of this concert
without boosting levels and applying too much noise reduction.

Drummers of the world won't be disappointed by this recording.
Closer to the end, Jack gives a 10+ minute drum solo. He works
the drums so well and in so many ways, it might as well be a
drum clinic.

I actually went to two concerts this night. First we saw
Ella Fitzgerald @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, then we drove
all the way across LA into Santa Monica to see
Jack DeJohnette at McCabes Guitar Workshop for the late show.
I think I even had two different sets of friends who went to
each show with me.

CD Artwork: Included. SureThing CD artwork.
CD CUE Sheet: Included.

AUD> Nakamichi 350 Cassette (Master Tape)
---> Nakamichi 550 Playback
---> Digi96-PAD (import into computer)
---> Sound Forge
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

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