Jack DeJohnette's New Directions
Lester Bowie- trumpet
John Abercrombie- guitar
Eddie Gomez- bass
Jack DeJohnette- drums, electric piano

Evergreen State College
Olympia, Wash, U.S.A.
October 14, 1978

analog audience recording > ? > CD >
CD extractor (wav) > flac (sb's aligned) >
torrentially yours.
runtime: 79:55

1: noodling > 24:30
2: very early 20:00
3: my funny valentine 6:02
4: ? > one handed woman 18:46
5: Vignette 10:35
this is a very good audience recording and
seems to be the whole show. there's not alot
of applause in it at all and none after the
last song but the song sounds like it's all
there. this just barely fits on one 80 min. disc.
this comes from the same source as the
Return to Forever 1974 show from this same location,
which is from an all reel copy lineage soundboard
recording, although this one is not a soundboard source.
I don't know how many generations the source of this
is from, but not many. this recording hasn't
circulated much and it sounds clear, not much tape
noise at all for such sometimes quiet music.
It may be "Jack DeJohnette's Directions", but Jack is
listed last because as the drummer, everyone else
is in front of him. (yet nobody is in front of
Jack D. on drums, he is one of the greatest ever.)
I saw this band in Feb. 78 and it was good, and quite
"out there" as this is too but the band seemed more
familiar with the music here than the show I saw.