Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition
Mick Goodrick- guitar
Greg Osby- sax
Gary Thomas- sax, clarinet and flute
Lonnie Plaxico- bass
Nana Vasconcelos- percussion
Jack DeJohnette- drums
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
May 9, 1987
performance quality: B+
recording quality: B to B+ (stage talk is weak volume but there
isn't very much of that, all the music is instrumental anyway
and all the instruments sounds clear and present)
runtime: 76:41 (I believe it is the whole set, no songs are cut)
source: 1st generation audience tape
1: 10:09
2: 9:22
3: 9:19
4: 7:37
5: 7:00
6: 15:26
7: band introductions 3:26
8: osthenics 14:18
lineage: Realistic lapel mini-mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
master cassette > my cassette (both Maxell XLII-S) >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge 4.5 (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
There were 2 bands for this concert, I'm not sure who was first
but I only have the JDSE set. The other band had Randy Brecker and
Mike Stern. The ad for this show lists just 1 show starting at 7:30
P.M. but given the popularity of all involved in this show at the
Berklee PC they may have had to add a second one almost last minute,
(in which case this would probably be the 1st show). I didn't see
this one but upon hearing it again for first time in years it sounds
better than I thought it did, both the show and the recording. The only
complaint I have with this recording is the talk between songs is
tough to make out (stage mike way too low, at it often is at jazz
concerts) so I boosted it for the band introductions and the one part
they chose to run through the song titles. I also gave it some ICPVR,
(individual clap peak volume reduction) between the songs- that's one
reason I didn't listen to alot of my favorite archive recordings
until I learned how to use Soundforge. This was a painfully clappy
aud, but now just a normally clappy aud, the difference being that
the clapping between songs is no longer louder than the music between
the clapping, so this torrent now passes the Glasnost Radio Productions
test as a gapless/clipless/pegless/glitchless recording, surely worth a
dime and a dozen. They do 47th Groove and something they call "Herbie's
Hand Cock" but the number of songs identified didn't seem to match up
with the number of tracks, so I'm leaving it to someone who knows their
late 80's Jack to try and title up the tracks. I really don't like overtracked
CD's, and am quite sure each track is either 1 whole song, or maybe one that
goes into another without a stop of playing and applause. (in this case, jazz
standards which seem to be a specialty for all the Special Edition bands I've
heard. Although I prefer my Jack with John (Abercrombie), this means my 3 best
Special Edition recordings are now up on dime for all to enjoy who like the
JDSE bands- one is from the late 70's, one from the early 80's, and this. All
of them are different editions of Special Edition, so you can hear the contrast
of the various eras. The other 2 are from masters and all three sound very
enjoyable, even to fussy ears with big fancy speakers.