Jack DeJohnette & Special Edition
Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
4 Oct 1992


Jack DeJohnette (drums, keyboards)
Benny Maupin (sax)
Gary Thomas (sax)
Lonnie Plaxico (bass)
Michael Cain (piano)

Set list:

1. Silver hollow
2. Interview
3. Where or when?

Recorded to tape from air. This was broadcast on BBC radio � probably Radio 3 � in April 1993. It's incomplete: the second set ends a bit prematurely and the first set appears to begin late. Still, almost an hour and a half of music to enjoy. There's also an irritating FM hum through the whole recording which is not particularly intrusive in the louder sections but is in the quieter bits. I've put a sample of each in comments so you can decide for yourself if you want it.