Jack Ingram & the Beat Up Ford Band
April or May, 2003
Threadgill's South

Not sure of the date, but I do know the location as I recorded this myself
Soundboard>Sharp MD-MT15>Audacity

The show is incomplete as the soundman didn't have my source routed at the beginning, and he faded out my feed before the conclusion of the last track.
I rate it as a B/B+ SBD.

1. One Thing
2. Keep On Keepin' On
3. What Makes You Say
4. A Little Bit
5. I Won't Go With Her
6. Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
7. Mustang Burn
8. Biloxi
9. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
10. Barbie Doll
11. Ava Adele
12. Pete, Jesus, and Me
13. Are you Sure Hank Done It This Way (incomplete, fades out)