Jack Johnson - solo
Meyer Hall @ Ex'pression Center for New Media
Emeryville, California
1:30pm showtime

all - 1 disc

d1t1.. Mudfootball
d1t2.. Brushfire Fairytales
d1t3.. ALO Story / Rodeo Clowns
d1t4.. We're Going to Be Friends*
d1t5.. Times Like These
d1t6.. Posters
d1t7.. Flake

* - White Stripes cover


show notes:
This was a small listener appreciation concert put on by a radio
station -- approximately 125 people in attendance.
Channel 104.9 "Up Close With Jack Johnson" radio show
Jack played later that night at Berkeley's Greek Theatre (hence the soundcheck comments)

recording and transfers by the owner of
Legba and Languedoc the cats

recording note :
This venue is a college for audio recording/production and digital animation, and is equipped to send the stage mix separately from the FOH mix, back to the assorted studios in the school. For example, the audience was hearing Jack through his direct-box guitar plug connection, but the studio recording got Jack playing into a pair of KM184's xy a foot in front of him. Unsure what the vocal mic was, perhaps just an SM57. This recording came courtesy of a student who stealthily patched into the DAT deck that was getting the final mixdown.

For info on the venue, and an archived multi-camera video shot of this show, go to www.expression.edu

There was one, extremely odd but minor glitch on the master CD, during Jack's banter on track 4. No music is affected. Three small ticks, almost like a delicate high hat tap. Nothing to write home about.

Please do not post this show to Jack's catalog at www.archive.org ... he does not permit sbd's there. It is my understanding that SBD's are OK to circulate (helps prevent the bootleggers from profiting from them) but he just doesn't want them in a static place for free download. Feel free to share this with friends, relatives, pets, plants, colleagues, bosses and inferiors.


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