Jack Kerouac
'61 readings, '62 interview, '69 home recordings

Reel To Reel Tape Recorder > Cassette (unknown gen) > CDR

** NOTES below are not mine but compiled by me from various sources. I cannot vouch for the accuracy.
Any help in identifying tracks and sources welcomed. Also, sound on some tracks is a bit dodgy but
still worth a listen; great to hear Jack in his own words.

Disc 1
1. 29:48
2. 30:38
- Disc one includes Jack reading selections from "Old Angel Midnight" and "Dr. Sax" for then girlfriend Lois
Sorrells, circa 1961. Frank Sinatra plays along in background. Probably a single session. This
was on all of side "A", & continued onto side B. I spliced these together, eliminating overlap
to make all of Disc 1 a single track to provide continuity. (the filler that was on this
cassette is on a separate cdr, (disc 3- see below).

Disc 2
1. 6:34
2. 25:19
- Disc two features an interview from a radio show called "Dialogues and Great Books" broadcast
from Jack's hometown of Lowell, MA in 1962. This one is very funny; the two interviewers
are often begging an obviously tipsy Kerouac to shut up so they can ask him more questions.

Disc 3
1. 29:46
2. 6:58
3. :40
4. 20:30
- Disc three includes a few lesser quality recordings - more readings of "Sax", some 'scatting',
drunken rants, etc.