Jack Shit (and special guests)
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, CA USA
December 10, 2011

Tascam D-100 Audience Recording > Adobe Audition > EAC > Flac Frontend > You

I'm sorry to say that since I was photographing (and videotaping portions - see You Tube) the show, the unit was lower than I'd like it to be so the fidelity isn't quite perfect but listen to the samples and see if it's okay for you. Some have said that Jack Shit is the best band on any stage in Los Angeles on any night they're playing. If you don't know, then for the record, Val's Jackson Browne's lead guitarist, but he's played for a lot of people, Davey Faragher and Hall-Of-Famer Pete Thomas play with Elvis Costello and you already know who Jackson Browne is. I'm not that cool, so I had never heard of Jenny or Johnathan, but maybe you have.

This is the Jack Shit Yuletide Extravaganza, so have yourselves another shitty Christmas, Shitheads!

Jack Shit is:

Beau Shit aka Val McCallum (guitar, vocals)
Shorty Shit aka Davey Faragher (bass, vocals)
Piece 'o Shit aka Pete Thomas (drums, vocals)

Special guests are:

Jackson "Browne Shit" Browne (guitar, vocals)
Jenny Lewis Shit (vocals)
Johnathan Rice Shit (guitar, vocals)
Charlie Ringo Shit (drums)
The Shithorns (horns)

Some photos from the show and a bad image of the show's poster are included.

Songs are:

Hi How Are Ya? > Christine's Tune
Tiger By The Tail
Boom Bapa Boom
Long Black Veil
Drinkin' and Drivin'
False Hearted Lover Blues
Jackson (w/ Jenny)
The Big Guns (w/ Jenny & Johnathan)
Switchblade (w/ Jenny & Johnathan)
Carpetbaggers (w/ Jenny & Johnathan)
Why Don't We Do It In The Road (w/ Charlie Ringo Shit)
Louisiana 1927
You Better Get Right

The King is Gone (w/ Jackson Browne)
Call It A Loan (w/ Jackson Browne)
Red Neck Friend (w/ Jackson Browne)
Take It Easy (w/ Jackson Browne and Jenny Lewis)
Ring of Fire (w/ The Shithorns)
Western Movie Theme (w/ The Shithorns)
I'm Coming Home

Warmest Regards Always,

The New Guy