Jack Shit
Another Shitty Christmas
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, California
December 12, 2015
The 6th Annual Yuletide Extravaganza

with surprise guests Richard Thompson and Albert Lee

Ninety miles south of Bakersfield is a small town called Cochtotan.
It�s no different than any other small town.
People worry about their jobs, send their kids to school and occasionally marry their cousins.
On the weekends, they want to put their troubles behind them and cut loose with a couple of long necked bottles of amber intoxicant.
But Cochtotan's luckier than a lot of cities in that regard,
as three of their native sons have been providing the townsfolk with the kind of good rockin� soundtrack that has them humming long after they�ve left the bar and are being put into protective custody.
This powerful trio of string bendin�, skin poundin� musicians have spent years polishing their chops playing six sets a night at the Tufted Nighthatch Tavern and Bird Sanctuary.
And now, finally, they are ready to share their secret with the world.
That�s right, folks, the pride of Cochtotan is ready to spread its high test hillybilly gospel from coast to coast.
Get ready, America.
Get ready for Jackshit.

Jack Shit originated as Vonda Shepard's backing band on the hit series Ally McBeal and consists of:

Beau Shit-lead guitar, vocals
Val McCallum; He has toured with Jackson Browne for years, and his musical resume includes stints with Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams, The Wallflowers, Bonnie Raitt, and Loretta Lynn, among others.
His parents are David McCallum and Jill Ireland

Shorty Shit-bass guitar, vocals and humor
Davey Faragher; is an American bass guitarist from Redlands, California.
A founding member of the nineties band, Cracker, and has subsequently worked with John Hiatt's band, and The Imposters, the backing band for Elvis Costello since 2001.
In 2015, Faragher joined Richard Thompson's Electric Trio for Thompson's "Still" album and US tour

Piece Of Shit-drums, vocals
Pete Thomas; is best known as the longtime drummer for New Wave icon & Singer/Songwriter, Elvis Costello.
Tom Waits has referred to him as "one of the best rock drummers alive".

disc one:
01. an awkward start & Introduction
02. Hi How Are Ya >
03. Christine's Song (Devil In Disguise)
04. I Got A Tiger By The Tail
05. It's My Lazy Day
06. Big River
07. Baby Where You Going With That 2 x 4
08. Beau introduces Tammy and Jimmy Shit
09. Lovey Dovey (Tammy and Jimmy Shit)
10. Soul Shake (Tammy and Jimmy Shit)
11. Beau introduces Ringo Shit on drums
12. The Seeker (Ringo Shit)
13. Long Black Veil
14. Beau introduces Richard the Turd
15. Beatnik Walking (Richard Thompson)
16. Patty Don't You Put Me Down (Richard Thompson)
17. Tear Stained Letter (Richard Thompson)

disc two:
18. Louisiana 1927
19. I Really Had A Ball Last Night
20. Beau introduces Der Shit
21. Crazy Child (unable to verify title)
22. I'm Ready (Albert Lee)
23. Leave My Woman Alone (Albert Lee)
24. You'd Better Get Right Little Darling (Albert Lee)
25. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Albert Lee)
26. The Price Of Love (Albert Lee)
27. I'm Comin' Home (Albert Lee)
28. Sweet Sticky Thing (aborted)
29. Ugly And Slouchy >
(Let Me Sit Next To Your) Fire >
Green Eyed Lady >
Spinnin' Wheels >
Jesus Is Just Alright >
Pinball Wizard >
Amazing Journey >
Scatterbrain >
Purple Haze >
And When I Die >
Ugly And Slouchy (reprise)

Recorded by -M-
Sony ecm-MS957 (mid-side stereo microphone) > Sony PCM M10 @ 24-48
AudioGate (24-96) > Adobe Audition 3.0 & iZotope RX4 advanced (prep & track splits) > AudioGate (16-44) > TLH (flac Level 8)
Song information embedded with Stamp ID3 tag editor

The show started off very awkward with the person next to me challenging that I should not be recording.
Not to cause a stir I acted like I complied and placed my microphone on my lap (facing forward of course).
Left it there all night and more than once I felt this person just staring at me.
I was paranoid for the first 30 minutes that he would wave the manager over.
A bit of a buzz kill and I wasn't prepared for it.
He added some intermittent coughing to the right channel but I reduced much of it in post-production.

Sitting position was more distant tonight and laying the microphone on my stomach partially under my sweater wasn't optimum.
Hi end suffered a little.
The mid side microphone is an omni middle section with cardioid left/right elements.
The cardioids are brighter so the mid channel was reduced giving a little more separation and making it a bit crisper.
In this particular case the bass does not suffer from this re-balancing of the m/s microphone output.

Beau Shit's voice was low in the mix at points and could not be increased without degrading the sound.
That was how it was mixed both nights.

Shorty Shit had a very colorful Rooster pin on the front of his white Stetson hat.
It was top prize at the 2006 Cochtoten bird call competition and much pride is evident as Beau refers to Shorty's shiny cock at one point.

Richard Thompson (Richard the Turd) really does just reach over and grab a guitar off the wall.
It is a guitar shop and the walls are lined with all sorts of stringed instruments.
With price tag hanging off the neck Richard the Turd takes over as though he owned the house.

Albert Lee (Der Shit) had problems with the equipment and spent some time with the crew getting things working correctly.
Once he gets going he rips it up and plays for a lot longer than Richard the Turd did.

If you do not know about this band yet here is your opening shot.
If you are aware of them you are probably already playing this and chuckling to yourself.

For historical (hysterical) reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.
Support the band and see them play or buy one of their 2 CD's.

-M- (December 2015)