Jack Straw
The Cubby Bear
Chicago, IL

Source: 8 track sbd matrix
Transfer: discs burnt from the Yamaha AW16G digital recorder then converted to flac

Disc 1 Set 1

Dire Wolf %
Waiting for a Miracle
I Shall Be Released
It Must Have Been The Roses
Wheel >
Shakedown Street
Midnight Moonlight
Eyes Of The World*

Disc 2
Friend Of The Devil*

Set 2
Missiissippi Half Step Uptown Toodleloo>
He's Gone >
The Harder They Come
Tennessee Jed^

Disc 3

Brown Eyed Women
Scarlet Begonias
They Love Each Other
Ramble On Rose

E: Black Muddy River,
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider (missing due to technical difficulties)

% the first 4 and a half mins were patched thanks to Ross's aud source (it contains a lot of digi noise that i cleaned up in the mic recording, but i thought it would help make up for the missing audio)
*w/Vince Welnick replacing the keyboardist respectively
^Jake on drums
Entire show with Jake Cinninger
Jerry Garcia Tribute for the 10th anniversary of Garcia passing

recorded and mastered by John W. Peters for Number 9 recordings (you can contact John in Chicago @ 773-755-1806 for recording needs)
edited and posted by Kevin Licciardello - Floatingpancake@hotmail.com

-- first set consists of 5 tracks: a vocal mix, house mic (fob), R and L house mixdown and keys
-- second set consists of 8 tracks: a vocal mix, house mic (fob), R and L house mixdown, keys, bass, jakes guitar, and johns guitar
(xlr cables were used to pull the audio from the soundboard)

Jackstraw is:
Ben Wilson (bass)
John Grahm (guitar)
Barry Brown (keys)
Jim Farmer (drums)