Jackie Greene And Friends
Kevn Kinney's- Xmas Jam By Day
Asheville Music Hall
Asheville, North Carolina

Source: FOB-2-Beyerdynamic MC930's(OTRF-PAS)>Digi-Mod-UA5>Nomad Jukebox3-
Recorded at 48khz
Location:FOB-14'From Stage,8.5 ft high
Transfer:JB3>Firewire>Nomad explorer>.Wav>wavlab 5.0@48khz>(Channel Adjust).Wav>R8Brain Pro>16.44.1.khz>Traders Little Helper>Flac16

Disc I

01 Crowd
02 I Was Born An Animal
03 Five Long Years
04 *Little Things >
05 Hold On
06 Ball And Chain

* With In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed Jam

Jackie Greene - Guitar And Vocals
David Hidalgo - Guitar And Vocals (Los Lobos)
Audley Freed - Guitar
Robert Kearns - Bass And Vocals
Steve Berlin - Keyboards And Saxophone
? - Acoustic Guitar
Brad Pemberton - Drums