jackie greene, highline ballroom, new york, ny 2008-04-27

taper : steve t ''aka'' the big red bag

nak 700 mics > sony sbm1 > sony d-7

disc 1 :
01-farewell, so long, goodbye
02-nothing comes from nothing
03-don't let the devil take your mind
04-the rusty nail> family tradition> new speedway boogie> the rusty nail
06-parchmens farm > working man blues > parchmens farm
07-about cell block #9

disc 2 :
01- band intros > ?
02-tell me mama, tell me right
03-i don't live in a dream
04-another love gone bad
05-like a ball & chain
06-gone wanderin'
07-mexican girl
08-prayer for spainish harlem