Jackie Greene
Santa Cruz Blues Festival
Aptos Village Park
Aptos, Ca
May 25, 2014

Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded Center Seat 26th Row

Schoeps MK4 w/NBox Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2014.07

Missing encore


My original plans were to see Steel Pulse the night before and then drive home but thanks to
fellow taper Wilson66 I had a place to stay in Santa Cruz. At that point I figured I should
go to the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and I bought a circle of gold ticket which allowed me a
spot in front of the soundbard. I was moving slow in the morning and left Bill's place around
9:45. Doors at 10 and music at 11. I parked where I thought the buses were leaving but after
a ten minute walk I realized I was not at the right parking lot. I walked back and drove to
the correct lot. Bus ride was about 10 minutes and it was 10:55 as I picked up my ticket at
will call. No issue with search and then I walked up to front to find a seat. The front 24
rows were packed but in there were 2 center seats in the 26th row. By this point the band was
ready to start. I still had to find a place to set up and strap on the gear. The music is
starting and by the second song I started to walk to the stage. The music gets louder and
clearer as I get to my seat. Ana Popovic and her band were excellent. I wish I got the full
set, oh well. The second artist Rich Robinson was also solid. Next up was Jackie Greene. I
enjoyed his set and really liked the Scarlet Begonias to finish the set. I planned to switch
batteries after the set and once the music ended I started to switch batteries. I soon
realized an unexpected encore was going to happen. I rushed to finish the switch and as I
later discovered I didnt reconnect a cable. It was so sunny and bright that I couldn't really
see the levels and went by the recording lights. I also missed the next act Vintage Trouble
which was too bad. They were interesting. Surprisingly high energy. After the set I checked
the recorder batteries and recconnected the recorder properly. Chris Isaak put on an
interesting set. I had never seen him before and is not someone I really listened to very
often. He played close to two hours and did a non standard set. His brother joined the band
for two songs. Both Chris Isaak and his guitarist roamed the crowd. I hate when that happens
because everyone turns around and I face the stage. Buddy Guy does it too. All in all it was
a fun weekend taping and I am wondering why I had never gone before after seeing the venue and
hearing who had played in the past. I plan on going next year.

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