Jackie Greene Band & Ratdog
8-29-9 @ The Depot
Salt Lake City, UT

JGB: Nothing Comes From Nothing->I'm So Gone, I Don't Live in a Dream,
Mexican Girl, Shaken, Ball & Chain

RD I: Jam->Help on the Way->Slipknot!->The Loser->Money For Gasoline,
Cassady->Book of Rules->Little Red Rooster->Odessa->At A Siding

RD II: Me & My Bobby McGee, Catfish John, Looks Like Rain, He's Gone->
The Other One->Stuff (now w/ Washboard and Bells!), Death Don't Have No Mercy->
Slipknot!->Franklin's Tower

RD E: One More Saturday Night

jgb fits on a cd, rd i barely fits on 1 cd, rd ii up to & including t6(stuff)
fits on a disc, etc.

Jackie put on a great performance even while under the weather- check out
the groove of the nothing comes from nothing.

We were within the sonic sweet spot for this one, according to a sound engineer
for the house, Dave (hi Dave!).

Sound path: Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz);
minor glitch fixes w/ cooledit.

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