Jackie Greene Band -> R@dog
9/5/9 @ The Greek
Los Angeles CA

I: Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind, I'm So Gone, Animal, I Don't Live in a Dream,
Ball & Chain, Shaken, Tell Me Mama Tell Me Right, "Pray to Me"->Hollywood->
Franklin's Tower->Help on the Way->Slipknot!->All New Minglewood Blues->
She Belongs to Me->The Loser->Even So->October Queen->The Other One v1->
Hell in a Bucket

II: Victim or the Crime->Masterpiece->Terrapin Station->The other One v2->Stuff,
The Days Between->Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad->One More Saturday Night

E: At a Siding

A decent cd packing is up to and including jgbrd-9-5-9-s1tb on cd1,
the rest of rd s1 on cd2, and rd s2 on cd3.

Submitted for your approval: a recording from the LA Greek, a venue
in a residential neighborhood- residential, at least, if you happen to live
on land in an unusual space... known to at least a few, as The Twilight Zone.

We started recording in the usual place- but with blessing of LA's super-cool
security, moved the gear to a different location. At the start of JGB's
"I'm So Gone", there is extra "phase shift" and some low-end
"rustle of the hustle" during transit- but the sound was clearer & more present
at the destination location, worth the trip. Most of the show is captured
from dead center in the outer limits, in front of the closed-off region
of section C.

Just before Hollywood, a woman started singing out back to Jackie.
She's got an interesting voice - not sure of her song's title - that's that
"Pray to Me" track.

Removed a little of a "thing which went bump in the evening" during even so,
as one of the more unusual denizens (bobby called him the Wolfman)
of the night gallery decided to exert force upon the mic stand while passing.

Thereafter, Wolfman moved on to hook up with the woman with the interesting voice.

They made quite a pair, he seemed to enjoy exploring her tonsils.

And he'd enjoy exploring yours' too- should you find yourself singing your song
someplace out there, in Los Angelic Grecian halls... of the Twilight Zone.

Sound path: Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz);
minor glitch fixes w/ cooledit.

email: phopely@gmail.com
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