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- May 11, 2010 -
Music Club Phönixx, Solingen, Germany
** dig. SBD master, MWM 0177 **
>> whacked-out stories & great songs by Scottish CULT ARTIST &
his partner - MUST READ - AWESOME SOUND (deafmusic) << w/ samples

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"desert-island concerts & artists" of my dad Leo & my uncle Frizze

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is this crazy big man from Scotland...

WHO THE F*** IS...


although being a Scotsman, he is quite often called "The missing 7th
Monty Python", as he has exactly THIS sense of black humour - and a
serious interest in poetry...and this unseemly carnal intercourse...

in April 2010 he refused changing his Scottish Pounds into Greek Euros...

he still owns this grey toothbrush ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave him
when they had a sexual relationship in their teens...but NO underpants !

he is a primitive kinda guy - he talks about "hand parties" on stage...

he is always concerned to get his devoted audience seriously drunk...

he denies all kind of encores, but after his concerts he will sign your
records, give you a kiss AND feel your "male reproductive appendix"...
( it allowed to say or write "COCK" on DIME ? Anyone ? Ted ??)

caught your interest ? Read more down HERE...

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Music Club Phönixx (the venue)
Solingen (the city)
Germany (the country)

May 11, 2010 (the date)

Solingen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located on the
northern edge of the region called Bergisches Land, south of the Ruhr area,
and with a 2005 population of 162,685 is the second largest city in the
Bergisches Land. It is a member of the regional authority of the Rhineland.

Solingen is called the "City of Blades", since it has long been renowned for
the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors made by famous
firms such as DOVO Solingen, Wüsthof, J. A. Henckels, Boker, and numerous
other manufacturers. Wilkinson is also based here.

In Medieval times, the swordsmiths of Solingen coined the town's image, which
is preserved to this date. Some 90% of German knives are produced in Solingen.

as far as we know NONE of this recording was used commercially...SA FAR...

the complete concert:

All songs by Jackie Leven unless otherwise specified.

CD 1 (48:21.58)

1-01. Intro / Tuning § 5:23.04
1-02. Call Mother A Lonely Field 4:25.58
1-03. Story: Ralph McTell 4:10.47
1-04. Song For Bass Guitar And Death 4:56.08
1-05. Elegy For Johnny Cash 8:17.64
1-06. Last Of The Badmen 4:51.16
1-07. Story: Jolene / Western Union 4:21.16
1-08. Poortown 7:40.47
1-09. The Crazy Song 4:15.23

CD 2 (52:04.08)

2-01. Story: Messy 4:54.73
2-02. John Paul Getty's Silver Cadillac 3:45.63
2-03. A Little Voice In Space 9:06.54
2-04. Story: David Childers 1:35.58
2-05. Heart In My Soul 5:08.25
2-06. Story: Mercy From Malawi 2:28.18
2-07. Kings Of Infinite Space 9:32.72
2-08. Banter: Merchandise 2:17.21
2-09. New Wreath 7:16.18
2-10. Story: Swine Flu / Introduction 2:20.50
2-11. Gothic Road (live Premiere) 3:37.06

as usual, NO encore...BUT...(read above intro...)

total: 48:21.58 + 52:04.08 = 100:25.66 minutes


§ - the show got delayed a few minutes because the light guy could not get the
lights to work properly while the soundman exploded about such incompetence ;-)
Jackie and Michael spent the time doodling & noodling, drinking vodka and with
general nonsense. Thus the very unprofessional start. You are free to omit it...

You can join this one also seamlessly, as there are no fades at the
end of 1-09. and the beginning of 2-01. Nothing was lost @ this cut.


Jackie Leven - guitar, vocals, foot taps
Michael Cosgrave - keyboards, melodica, vocals


recorded by deafmusic, soundboard to SDHC-card

the deafmusic recording/transfer 1:

Sbd (old "soundtracks" 16-channel board - probably made in the 80s - I love this old gear once I get it to work!) >
> Zoom H2 > SD Card > Medion PC w/ Creative soundcard > Creative WaveStudio (edits, indices, normalization) > CDRs

the Leo Lonetaper transfer 2:

CDR > Motherboard with AMD Multicore Processor, Serial ATA Interface > Exact Audio Copy >
> Harddisc Western Digital with Thermaltake HD Cooler (EVER had a HardDisc burnout ??) >
> lonetaper's secret box of miracles # > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME

# Fully edited version of this show by MWM 2010

Frizze NAILED THIS SHOW HERE to digital media...simply PERFECT !

so NO EQ'ing was used here, and none of those compressors, Sonic Maximizer or
other psychoacoustic processors - why ruin another true deafmusic masterpiece ?

it sounds completely the way it was distinguishable that night in this venue.

Dad accentuated just all the applause and spoken passages inbetween the songs,
averagely +6,0 dB, reduced some of the instrumental plug ins and smoothed out
some harsh passages - just a touch - to help balance it overall a bit better,
for HIS ears...and as he's really old enough, i still trust him completely...

the only further addition to the RAW files was a short fade-in and, at the end,
a fade-out - in the audience applause, so truly NO MUSIC was harmed or lost.

this upload here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archives.
if you want to know more about, check the old uploads...lotta stuff to read !

Leo once wrote:
VERY SPECIAL THANKS, from the bottom of my heart, to my longtime
friend & fellow DIMEr deafmusic for opening his incredible archive.
Parts of the "Deafmusic Collection" are also in the "MWM"-vaults, as we
did not only trade with each other for 30+ years, we also viewed and
recorded a bunch of shows together, as friends, music fans and concert
promoters, usually with a bunch of Tascams and Sony's in a row...

And if there's some interest, maybe there is MORE TO COME...
it just depends on YOUR demeanor, and lotta useful comments ;-)

The Big Man - a brief guide

I've loved Jackie Leven's music since I saw Doll by Doll live in a grotty pub in Manchester in 1982.
Everyone has their own nomination for Great Lost Superstar of British music, and Big Jackie is mine.
Such an immense voice, such varied and powerful songs. Seeing him live reminds you what a terrific
guitar player he is, too.
I'm tempted just to say "Buy everything the Big Man has recorded in the past 40 years"...

Jackie Leven, born June 18, 1950 in Kirkcaldy, Fife,
Scotland is a Scottish songwriter and folk music musician.

Jackie Leven made his first forays into the music business in the late 1960s under the pseudonym
"John St Field" and recorded one album, Control, in 1971. Leven admits this is probably his favourite
album and he loves the bass playing, which is all his.

In the following years he travelled, but enthusiastic about punk, he formed the band Doll by Doll in
1978. Despite having a unique and powerful live act, this band never broke through to the mainstream.
They released four albums between 1979 and 1982. Blending LSD visions, folk, blues, Celtic, psychedelic
and punk influences the band, which featured Leven as main songwriter, often explored the darker side
of human nature ("Butcher Boy", "Sleeping Partners", "The Palace of Love"), contrasted with the tough,
almost macho tenderness of songs such as "Stripshow", "Chances" and "Hey Sweetheart".

After Doll by Doll disintegrated in 1983, Leven embarked on his solo career. However, a vicious and
unprovoked assault in the street during the recording of his first solo album in 1984 left him unable
to speak for nearly two years - the after-effects of near strangulation. During this time he slid into
heroin addiction. Despite this he managed to collaborate with fellow ex-Doll by Dolls Joe Shaw and David
Macintosh plus ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock to release the single "Big Tears" under the name "Concrete
Bulletproof Invisible". The record was a Melody Maker single of the week in 1988. He eventually cured
himself of his addiction though a mixture of acupuncture and psychic healing: this led him to form the
CORE Trust, which favours a holistic approach to the treatment of heroin addiction.

In 1994 his solo career started in earnest with the release of the album The Mystery of Love is Greater
than the Mystery of Death, which earned much critical praise. Since then he has been extremely prolific,
releasing another 15 official albums, including a joint album with crime writer Ian Rankin Jackie Leven
Said, featuring the keyboards of Michael Cosgrave. In addition to these official releases, he has released
a number of limited edition, fanclub-only live albums through the Haunted Valley fanzine and website.

In 2006 Leven released the album Songs For Lonely Americans using the pseudonym "Sir Vincent Lone".
A second Sir Vincent Lone CD, When The Bridegroom Comes (Songs For Women), was recorded a year later:
initially sold only at live shows, it proved so successful that it eventually saw commercial release
by his record company, Cooking Vinyl. This is what Leven had to say about the Sir Vincent pseudonym
on the Cooking Vinyl webpage:

A Message From Jackie Leven

Some years ago I noticed that I was writing a lot more songs than I was ever going to record and get
released, especially in these times where you can only release one studio album every eighteen months.
As I am a writer of genius, this began to worry me more and more. So I went to see my Cooking Vinyl
boss, Martin Goldschmidt, to ask him if I could make more records. He said no. I said to him 'look,
The Beatles once released four albums in one year, and nobody said to them, hey that's too many records
in one year'. Martin said 'Jackie, this is not 1967 and you are not The Beatles'. We talked some more
and we agreed that I could make records under a different name - that name is Sir Vincent Lone.

Guitar details
Leven plays in an open E tuning whose notes are, from lowest to highest, E Ab B E Ab B (as told by
Jackie himself). This tuning gives many very distinctive voicings and a unique playing style.

THE SCENE: – A large meeting at Cooking Vinyl (CV) to discuss GOTHIC ROAD –
JACKIE LEVEN'S first new studio album since 2008's LOVERS AT THE GUN CLUB.

STUART (new CV label manager, his first meeting with JL) – "Er, can I start by
asking Jackie what the album title, GOTHIC ROAD actually means, if anything ?"

JACKIE – "Well, we all walk two roads – the Royal Road, and the Road of Poverty and Death, however
we imagine these roads to be. When these two roads meet, then we are walking on the GOTHIC ROAD."

STUART (doubtfully) – "Does it make any difference which direction you walk on the GOTHIC ROAD ?"

JACKIE – "None at all".

STUART (still doubtfully) – "Is this all true ?"

MARTIN GOLDSCHMIDT (CV supremo, without looking up from doodling) – "It is now..."

GOTHIC ROAD opens with the choral sound of GHOST VOICES OF THE KURSK – three young Russian men from
the northern seaboard city of Murmansk, all of whose brothers died in that Russian submarine tragedy.
This is closely followed by the sound of a German sat nav lady guiding JACKIE's tour bus out of the
city of Hamburg last year. And so the stage is set for twelve strong tales from the GOTHIC ROAD –
powerful stories from one who has walked the road for nearly sixty years.

Many of the songs are at once mystical but also locked in the daily grind of emotional survival. In
keeping with his longstanding creative association with mavericks and outlaws, (David Thomas, Johnny
Dowd etc) JACKIE collaborates here with fabled English renegade RALPH McTELL. RALPH supplies the
yearning second lead vocal, plus Gibson acoustic guitars on CORNELIUS WHALEN, a song about the man who
was the last of the Jarrow marchers left alive when JACKIE wrote the song – the Jarrow March being a
superb example of the reality of the GOTHIC ROAD.

Elsewhere on the album, JACKIE fantasises about the creative dynamo that is actress TILDA SWINTON, hides
in his hotel mini bar from the tyranny of endless touring, sings a song written by the original punk poet
PATRIK FITZGERALD, (SHADOW OF A MAN) and welcomes on board a guest recording by his co-producer, the
great Welsh singer DAVID WRENCH (ISLAND).

The album abounds with GOTHIC ROAD-ness, as in the coda of the song GOTHIC ROAD itself, where the royal
road pomp of HENRY PRIESTMAN's massed plucked cellos is counter-pointed by JOHN ROBERT’S skeletal spoons
playing, casting a cold eye on the poverty-stricken end of the street. Or in the lush celestial choir
voices on LAST OF THE BADMEN as the anti hero at the end of his personal road pleads in a PARTON-esque
refrain – 'please don’t kill me just because you can'.

The music on GOTHIC ROAD provides cast iron proof that the creative phenomenon that is JACKIE LEVEN is
not simply continuing to go from strength to strength, but is close to passing out of sight on a road
that others fear to tread.

NZ-Interview mit dem Musiker
Ist Jackie Leven so sexy wie die Nürnberger Stadtmauer?

Der schottische Musiker Jackie Leven gehört zu den letzten Troubadours unserer Tage. Spätestens seit
seinem Auftritt beim Bardentreffen ist er auch in Nürnberg ein Begriff.
Auf dem neuen Album "Gothik Road" verbindet der stimmgewaltige Geschichtenerzähler wieder melodiösen
Gitarrenfolk mit düsteren elektronischen Samples – und reichlich kauzigem Humor.

NZ: Da kommen Sie ja ganz schön zur Sache: In einem Songtext schlafen Sie mit Tilda Swinton ("Sie schnarchte"), im nächsten will Cher mit Ihnen ins Bett. Was ist denn plötzlich mit Ihrem Leben los?

Jackie Leven: Ich weiß auch nicht, warum meine sexuellen Fantasien plötzlich in den Songs lebendig
werden. Aber jetzt muss ich wenigstens nicht mehr während der Tour in diesen kleinen Shop hinter dem
Bahnhof gehen. Inzwischen finde ich nämlich noch ganz andere Sachen erotisch. Die Stadtmauer von
Nürnberg durchaus auch! Was Tilda Swinton betrifft, fürchte ich mich eigentlich vor so einer. Aber
dieser Zustand ist auch schon wieder sexy. Und schau, in dem anderen Song, in dem Cher mich in ihr
Bett einlädt, ziehe ich ihr dann doch die Minibar vor. Sehr traurig ist das – aber auch sehr schottisch.

NZ: Der Titelsong »Gothik Road» beginnt mit der deutschen Auto-Navigations-Ansage "Bitte fahren Sie
260 Kilometer". Ein paar Takte später ist ein Männerchor in Gedenken an die ertrunkenen Seemänner der
"Kursk" zu hören. Wie passt das zusammen?

Leven: Na ja, wir leben alle dem Tod entgegen. Jedem Neugeborenen geht das so. Aber das macht nichts.
Die Frauenstimme in dem Auto-Navi halte ich übrigens auch für sexy. Vor allem, wenn man falsch abbiegt
und sie dann "Achtung!" sagt. Die russischen Männer singen in ihrer Trauer um die ertrunkenen Kameraden
wunderschön, gleichzeitig will uns die Navi-Frau nur sagen, wo es langgeht. Da steckt die postmoderne
Gegenwart genauso drin wie das Altertum.

NZ: Ein weiterer Song ist einem Mann namens "Cornelius Whalen" gewidmet. Was war der denn für einer?

Leven: Cornelius Whalen war einer der letzten Helden, die einen glorreichen Protestmarsch angezettelt
haben: Im Jahr 1936 den "Jarrow March". Er zog gemeinsam mit Hunderten aus der Stadt Jarrow bei
Newcastle bis nach London, um gegen Hunger und Arbeitslosigkeit zu demonstrieren. Die "Gothik Road"
ist auch seine – eine Straße der Könige, aber auch eine voller Armut und Tod.

NZ: Klappt man die CD-Hülle auf, steht da in schrillen Farben:
"Ich steckte mein Baby in eine Sandwich-Box". Sie machen uns Angst!

Leven: In Großbritannien haben wir Frauenmagazine, die voll mit derartigen Überschriften sind.
Ich habe mich gefragt, wie es rüberkäme, wenn so eine Zeile zur Abwechslung mal nicht in so einem
Heftchen auftauchte, sondern in der Hülle meiner CD.

NZ: Was ganz anderes: Sie haben sich als Sammler von originellen
Flugzeug-Spucktüten geoutet. Gibt es Neuzugänge in der Kollektion?

Leven: Kaum. Immer mehr Airlines haben nur noch Tüten ohne Logo oder eigenes Erscheinungsbild.
Das ist traurig. Ich sollte die schönsten Tüten mit auf Tour nehmen, damit alle sie sehen.

NZ: Jackie Leven, alter Troubadour! Sie kennen bald in jeder Stadt ein Festival, zumindest einen
Pub. Erinnern Sie sich an Ihr furchtbarstes Konzert – beziehungsweise an Ihr schönstes?

Leven: Beste Show? In Norwegen haben sie ein Festival, das heißt "Unten auf der Farm".
Da hab ich mal um zwei Uhr früh mit Chip Tayler und Robyn Hitchcock gespielt – zauberhaft!

NZ: Und Ihr schlimmster Auftritt?

Leven: Das war in Kopenhagen. Ich kam in den Musikclub rein und las auf dem Poster:
"Jackie Leven – Alter Amerikaner mit Alkoholproblemen". Das lockte gerade mal fünf
Leute zur Show und zwei davon gingen wieder, nachdem sie festgestellt hatten, dass
ich zumindest kein Amerikaner bin.

Fragen: Christian Mückl 14.4.2010

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