Jackie McLean & Jimmy Heath and the Legends of Jazz
University Ballroom
Catonsville, MD

Wow! what a great night with great jazz performers!. I saw this hot show and got a nice recording of what was a memorable night. YouÕve heard all these songs before but for some reason everyone was cooking that night. Art Taylor was a maniac and I got a chance to speak with him after the show and he was kind enough to sign his book (which I just bought). This is one of my all time favorite shows that I had a privilege to see. It needs to be played loud. This is straight from my master and I donÕt think itÕs in circulation but iÕm sure it will be. If you like jazz youÕll love this show. How can you go wrong with Jimmy Heath, Jackie McLean, Hank Jones, Art Taylor, Rufus Reid and Tom Williams.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas

Total Time: 120 min.

CD 1 Set 1

1. Ladybird
2. On Green Dolphin Street
WhatÕs New
Round Midnight

CD 2 Set 2

1. Confirmation
2. Star Eyes
Lover Man
Unknown (Please help)
Night in Tunisia


Jackie Mclean: Alto Sax
Jimmy Heath: Tenor Sax
Hank Jones: Piano
Tom Williams: Trumpet
Rufus Reid: Bass
Art Taylor: Drums

Source/Lineage: Sony Walkman WM-D3 and Sony Microphone ECM-929LT/Master Cassette Maxell XLII-S 90 / Nakamichi CR-2A/ Philips CR-765 / flac - dime

0a1c88caf862ed5e338ba4754d95eba2 - CD1- 1 Audio Track.flac
4ce586eb8fc8321fafb08ff46a198955 - CD1- 2 Audio Track.flac
5e688b888d2adc416e04273d76c86892 - CD1- 3 Audio Track.flac
6f59c2ddae59f08a61cce8d88414aa3b - CD1- 4 Audio Track.flac
9b2385cf5a4db1f55438c4784575e96c - CD1- 5 Audio Track.flac
1c7392fe0c493c3da08ddd3bdec0f8cb - CD2- 1 Audio Track.flac
f181519e5bb68b88ed9433be92dc7d5e - CD2- 2 Audio Track.flac
c56cc135b53b1cbc044adcac2625f1d8 - CD2- 3 Audio Track.flac
0c0a3349e12730ed73f1d02fa308f32e - CD2- 4 Audio Track.flac
e2c5a89fa55d849fea6c5a1d63ae1980 - CD2- 5 Audio Track.flac