Here is the first night of Dixie 2010.

This years Dixie Mattress Festival will be held in Happy Valley, Oregon. Don't miss what is a very special three day event with camping on site. If you've been to or heard about this event then you know the band plays great big fat sets, hopefully we will see you there!

Info for DMF 2011 can be found at

SIngle Day and Three day Tickets available via Mail order
and available on Website with Credit Card or Paypal:

The Jackmormons
Dixie Mattress Festival
Paisley, OR.
main stage

K-Line >
Amazing Grace >
Other 95% Of The World >
We Can Get Together >
Other 95% Of The World
Wisconsin Death Trip >
What I Lived For
Salt Lake City
Montana >
Sparkle >
Lie Down Here rap >
Sparkle >

Miles From There
Ship* >
My Little Tiger
Brown Sugar Rap >
My Little Tiger
I Know There's A Darkness
Electra Glide In Blue
Belmont Radiator
Mountain Home
Lil Boo's Fireworks >
Pure Life >
Hurricane J. >
Pure Life
Election Day >
*1st Time played W Jackmormons
Entire show W/Jenny Conlee-Drizos - Keyboards

==============RECORDING INFORMATION=============
Heartfelt thanks to FOH sound engineer Jim Bull for all his help with everything.
Deepest gratitude to the sound crew of Greg O. & Marty D. You guys were awesome!
Audio Recording: Kirk Davis, Josh Peterson, Mark Burgin
Audio Transfer: Kirk Davis & Mark Burgin
Audio Mixing & Mastering: Kirk Davis
Video Recording: Josh Peterson & Mark Burgin, special thanks to Jim Cowan
Video Transfer/Capture: Josh Peterson
Video Mixing: Josh Peterson
=================AUDIO LINEAGE==================

SBD (Soundcraft LX7ii) #
Vocals; (Direct Out) %
guitar; (Direct Out) %
bass; (Direct Out) %
piano; (Direct Out) %
organ:(Direct Out) %

Toa KY's: stage lip center, ~ 3' high, ORTF > Mogami Neglex quad 2534 > Belden snake > Lunatec V2 >%
ADK A51S's: R & L of Kick drum > Zoalla Silver XLR > Belden snake >
Segue Dogstar IC > Lunatec V2 > Hi-Ho Silver shorty IC>
Sound Devices 744T

# Edirol UA-5 BM2p+ > Zaolla Coax > Tascam HD-P2(@24/48)
% Custom Gepco Bittree DPC AES/EBU 110ohm D/A > Tascam DR-680(24/48, master clock)