Thanks to Jerry, Mr & Mrs Conlee-Drizos and of course Junior .l.. Great way to round out four days of fun. Awesome show in a tiny little place, 125 people lucky enough to catch this sold out show.

show note:
This recording would not have been possible without the help of my good friend Jim Bull. Thanks Jim! If you've seen the Jackmormon's you might have seen Jim running sound or you might even know Jim. But, in case you didn't know, Jim has throat cancer. If you would like to help out there is an account set up @Wells Fargo bank: "Jim Bull Donation Fund" in Redmond, Oregon. If you would rather have paypal info contact me. Jim has contributed a lot to the JJ community in general plus has always helped with recordings of'd be nice to give a little something back.

White Eagle Saloon
Portland, OR.

Soundboard: Jim Bull
Recording: Kirk Davis, Eric Folske, Jim Bull & Jay Sayatovic
Special thanks to FOH crew :Greg Ausman & friend
Mixing & Mastering: Kirk Davis( W/Jim Bull advising )

Set I
Ain't No Way >
K-line ?>?
Frost Heaves
Wisconsin Death Trip >
Spin Cycle >
North >
Family Affair >
North >
Spin Cycle
Set II
Kicking Hong Kong
Swimming to Phuket
Radio Cab*
Kerosene Dream*
Welcome to the Other 95% of the World* >
Way Too Loud
Eat My Soul >
Climb To Safety * (contains parts of calling out my name, brown sugar, midnite rambler)
Bears That Dance...aborted...(I don't wanna play that song) >
Both of You* >
Let it Grow* >
Both of You*
* w/ Scott Law on guitar
W/Jenny Conlee-drizos on keyboards for entire show

Recording Info:
SBD > Tascan HDP2 > Davis custom Coax IC > Tascam DR-680#1(@24/48)
All Direct Outs( 10 total ) > (2)Tascam DR680's
Toa K1 mics(stage lip, roc, ~3.5' high, ORTF) > Sound Devices USBPre2(@24/48) > Zoalla coax IC > Tascam DR680#2(@24/48)

Transfer:USB > Dell E510 > Soundforge( pencil tool remove clips SBD track only) > Adobe Audition(@ 32bit, mixing/editing functions) >
Izotope RX advanced (resampling: ultra steep linear phase, dithering:MBit+ Ultra) >
CD Wave > Traders Little Helper(flac level-8)

Mixing info:
2 tracks SBD
4 tracks mics
1 track JJ vox
1 track JJ vox efx
1 track JR vox
1 track SD vox
1 track kick drum
1 track snare
1 track OH
1 track keyboard
1 track JJ gutar
1 track lead guitar(set-2 only)
1 track bass