White Eagle
Portland, Oregon

1936 Jesus >
Get Down >
Heavy Makes You Happy >
Road To Damascus >
Lucretia My Reflection rap >
Road To Damascus >
Both Of You >
Let It Grow >
The Road Home%
Hearts Gone Blind% >
Flying Cowboys rap% >
Heart Of The Matter rap% >
Walk On The Wild Side rap% >
Hearts Gone Blind% >
Wisconson Death Trip
Tennessee Fire*
When the Telephone Rings*
Sparkle >
These Grey Days
Time The Revelator >
Cortez The Killer >
Time The Revelator
We Will Go Down# >
Good Sunday# >
Let's Get It On rap# >
Amazing Grace(Trad.) rap# >
We Fall Down rap# >
That's The Way God Planned It rap # >
Let's Get It On rap# >
We Fall Down rap# >
Good Sunday#

I only listed the encore raps just to give you a feel of how much it was from the heart and full of love to end the whole four night run. And with the final chorus of "I'm in heaven when you smile" ringing in your ears is was absolute bliss

Recording, transfer, mixing/mastering: Kirk Davis & Jim Bull
FOH engineer: Jim Bull

ADK TL(card, aimed at Bas & Gtr amps) > USBPre2
Toa K2(~3' high, stage lip center, XY) > V3
Nueman KM 184(~2.5' high, stage lip center, ORTF) > 744T >
SBD[Allen & Heath mixwiz] A-B out > HD-24
SBD[Allen & Heath mixwiz](15 direct outs; includes Delay & reverb sends) > HD-24
SBD(mono feed from Mains EQ) > 680
*Written and performed by Walter Salas-Humara
% w/ Michael Lewis - vocals
# w/ Michael Lewis - guitar/vocals

Mixing: Adobe Audition CS5.5{editing, EFX, Mastering} >CDWave(tracking) >
Traders Little Helper(flac level 8)

Slight distortion in Jerry's vocal at times due to gain being over driven into clipping range.
Effects including but no limited to:
Delay; Reverb; Hard limiting; amplifier plug-in; distortion; overdrive; filter; resonance; Multi Band Compression; Single Band Compression; Tube Compression; Dynamic processing, Gating, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Sweep EQ; Exciter; DeEsser; DeEsher; Vocal leveler, Stereo Widner; Loudness Maximzer