Jackson Browne: guitar, piano and vocals
David Lindley: violin
Andrew Gold: guitar, backing vocals
Bob Warford: guitar
Kenny Edwards: bass
Doug Haywood: bass
Larry Zack: drums
Linda Ronstadt: vocals (starting on track 6)
Atwood Hall at
Clark University
Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.
March 13, 1974

performance quality: very good
recording quality: the music is A, but
the between song talk has a little noise,
mainly because Browne talks rather quietly
(compared to the volume of everything else.)
When he's singing, he comes through clearly.
source: 1st generation sbd tape
runtime: 78:55

1: take it easy 5:09
2: don't lead me on 4:10
3: our lady of the well 7:50
4: song for Adam 9:21
5: Jamaica say you will 6:47
6: ready or not 3:59
7: talk and tuning 2:58
8: for everyman 6:25
9: rock me on the water 6:08
10: the road and the sky 5:08
11: doctor my eyes 6:33
12: redneck friend 4:54
13: sweet little sixteen 2:51
14: one more song (with Linda Ronstadt) 6:35
lineage: WCUW radio master reel >
played on Revox reel deck,
recorded on Tascam cassette deck (no dolby)
onto Maxell XLII cassette >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrent.
first seeded in 2008. reseeded in 2013 with correction
of track 5 and 6 titles (previously in reversed order),
correction of concert date and drummer's name and a
flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's.
do not sell this recording.
Sharee freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
and may the only "brownouts" we have in life
be Jackson Browne (or Baron Browne) concerts.
I don't know when WCUW broadcasted this concert,
probably long before I'd ever heard of it. I did
a re-broadcast of this show on June 5, 1992 in
the very early days of Glasnost Radio. At the time
of this concert, WCUW was Clark Univ. radio before
it became independent public community radio. This
recording here was apparently made for (or during)
their original broadcast. I recorded this from the
studio during the rebroadcast, fortunately managing to
avoid an over the air recording which would have been
of far less quality. There is some editing of applause
in encore breaks, and between a few songs, but all the
tuning and talking is included.
This is one of the 1st WCUW recordings of a major act.
Return to Forever was also recorded a month earlier.
before "Jamaica...", Browne asked if they're playing in a school.
after it, Linda Ronstadt is introduced and joins in the set.
the tape was listed as March 1st, but was unlikely the
orpheum concert of that date since WCUW's recorded shows
were from the Worcester area.