jb 1976-12-07 BBC TV Theatre audio off air master

Jackson Browne

BBC Television Theatre
Shepherds Bush
London, UK

intro by Bob Harris
Something Fine
For Everyman
Fountain Of Sorrow
The Only Child
For A Dancer
Mohammed's Radio*
The Pretender (fades as per original broadcast)

*sung by Warren Zevon, JB backing vocal

Band: Jackson Browne (vocals, guitars); David Lindley (guitars, violin); John Mauceri (drums);
Bryan Garofolo (bass); Mark Jordan (piano, guitar, vocals); David Mason (organ).

Recorded during Jackson's first European tour supported by Warren Zevon. The broadcast date was the 7th
so may have been recorded on the 6th or the 7th.

concert info from the Jackson Browne Concert chronology at

This is a little unusual as it is a mono audio recording made direct from the TV at the time
of broadcast. A DVD version was uploaded on Dime in 2006 whixh I have not seen although I have a DVD, presumably
emanating from a BBC source, which suffers from dropouts and hum. The quality here is better - certainly more consistent -
than the audio on that video recording. It was done at my request by a work colleague who recorded classical
concerts using a direct line that he had rigged up to record TV broadcasts. I have no idea of the technical
details. I gave him one of the accursed BASF LH Super SM C90s to use. In 1976 these cost 70p each (a pint of
beer was about 30p) and I bought hundreds. The worst audio decision I ever made as most of them are now almost
unplayable and I can't be bothered to bake them. I put this tape in a new shell and thankfully it came through
the transfer unscathed. For the economists amongst you 1 was worth $2.20 at the start of 1976 and nine months
later $1.06. Interesting times.

It is likely that there are other audio recordings of this show in circulation but I have never heard them.

lineage: master BASF Super C90 cassette > Aiwa AD-F810 > Traxdata audio 900 CD recorder > CDR > EAC >
HD > edited and normalised with Nero WaveEditor 4 > flac > Dime

There are odd pops, clicks and explosions but they are on the original broadcast recording.