Jackson Browne
Revisiting the Albums Live
(Featuring Stories Shared)
Vol. 4--The Pretender (1976)

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This is the fourth volume in a series which looks back at Jackson Browne's commercial albums by incorporating on-stage stories and radio interviews concerning the albums and their songs with selected live performances of each song in the original order from the album. In addition to the initial trip through the album, this volume includes alternate performances of 6 of the songs.

While several of the songs from The Pretender are staples for Jackson in concert, a few of the songs on this album have seldom been performed. "Daddy's Tune" was one that Jackson had never been recorded performing in public until he attempted to do so during his solo acoustic tour of 2004 following an audience request. That performance is included here. Three versions of Your Bright Baby Blues have been included--a 1994 performance, a solo acoustic performance, and a 1974 performance with a band featuring David Lindley. That performance was the first ever recorded public performance of the song and-- along with a performance of the song later that year with the Eagles on Don Kirschner's Rock Concert--predates the album release by more than 2 years. The song was not recorded being performed before an audience again until 1977. Unfortunately the opening line of the song is missing from the recording, but it is definitely worth listening to anyway.

Most importantly: The intent of these volumes is to introduce you to Jackson Browne's albums or to renew your appreciation of them. All of Jackson's albums are still available, and hopefully if you don't have all of them or need new copies, this will encourage you to purchase them. They are available at Jackson's own web site (www.jacksonbrowne.com) and at Amazon.com.

Vol. 4 (79:46)
01. Album Intro--Insight Radio (UK) 1976
02. The Fuse--Osaka 11.13.80
03. Intro (Chicago 3.8.74) > Your Bright Baby Blues--Northrup 3.1.94
04. Intro to Linda Paloma--San Jose 3.8.87
05. Linda Paloma--Eugene 3.3.94
06. Intro to Here Come Those Tears Again--Insight Radio (UK) 1976
07. Here Come Those Tears Again--Cuyahoga Falls 8.7.78
08. Intro to Daddy's Tune--Linden 6.22.04
09. Daddy's Tune--Linden 6.22.04
10. The Only Child--Osaka 3.24.77
11. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate--Osaka 11.13.80
12. Intro to The Pretender--New York City 4.8.96
13. The Pretender--Belfast 6.28.94
14. Your Bright Baby Blues (alternate version)--11.26.04
15. Intro to Linda Paloma--Hilversum 12.8.76
16. Linda Paloma (alternate version)--Hilversum 12.8.76
17. Here Come Those Tears Again (alternate version)--London 11.1.04
18. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate--Berkeley 10.9.97
19. The Only Child (alternate version)--Nottingham 10.30.04
20. The Pretender (alternate version)--Morrison 8.11.77
21. Your Bright Baby Blues (alternate version)--Chicago 3.8.74)

On Tracks 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 Jackson Browne gives a solo acoustic performance.

On Tracks 2 and 11 the band consists of:
Jackson Browne (vo,g)
David Lindley (g)
Bob Glaub (b)
Russ Kunkel (dr)
Craig Doerge (p)
Bill Payne (key)
Rosemary Butler (bkg vo)
Doug Haywood (bkg vo, g)

On Tracks 3 & 5 the players are:
Jackson Browne (vo, p, g)
Mark Goldenberg (g, oud)
Mauricio Lewak (dr)
Kevin McCormick (b)
Jeff Young (key, vo)
Scott Thurston (key, vo, g)
Luis Conte (perc)
Valerie Carter (vo)

On Track 7 the musicians are:
Jackson Browne (vo, g)
David Lindley (g)
Jim Gordon (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Craig Doerge (key)
Doug Haywood (vo, g)
Rosemary Butler (vo)

Playing on Track 10 are:
Jackson Browne (vo, g)
David Lindley (fdl)
John Mouseri (dr)
Bryan Garofalo (b)
Mark Jordan (key)
David Morgan (g)
David Landau (g)

On Track 13 the performers are:
Jackson Browne (vo, p, g)
Mark Goldenberg (g, oud)
Mauricio Lewak (dr)
Kevin McCormick (b)
Jeff Young (key, vo)
Scott Thurston (key, vo, g)

On Track 21 the band is:
Jackson Browne (voc, g)
David Lindley (fiddle)
Danny Kortchmar (g)
Craig Doerge (key)
Leland Sklar (b)
Russ Kunkel (dr)
Rosemary Butler (bkg vo)
Doug Haywood (bkg vo)