JACKSON BROWNE with band featuring David Lindley
First Time in Osaka
Osaka Festival Hall
Osaka, Japan
March 24, 1977

Jackson gave an amazing show for his first appearance in Osaka. The setlist is outstanding overall and contains unique one-of-a-kind performances of The Only Child and Cocaine in addition to arrangements which feature his band and, especially, David Lindley.

This is a wonderful audience recording with excellent sound for 1977. The recording remains as I received it in a trade except that at the beginning of Disc 2 I separated Jackson's comments to the audience from The Only Child into a distinct track.

The band:

Jackson Browne--vocals, guitar, piano
David Lindley--guitars, violin, vocals
Mark Jordan--keyboards
John Mouseri--drums
Bryan Garafalo--bass
David Morgan--guitar
David Landau--guitar

Lineage: cdr acquired in trade > EAC > HD > TLH > FLAC (level 8) > you

Disc 1 (63:21):
01. Take It Easy >
02. The Fuse
03. Rock Me on the Water
04. Fountain of Sorrow
05. For Everyman
06. Late for the Sky
07. For a Dancer
08. Song for Adam
09. Doctor My Eyes >
10. These Days

Disc 2 (61:36):
01. Jackson talks to the crowd via Japanes interpreter
02. The Only Child
03. Walking Slow
04. The Road and the Sky
05. Before the Deluge
06. The Pretender
07. Do You Wanna Dance >
08. Redneck Friend
09. Sweet Little Sixteen
10. Cocaine