Jackson Browne
Jai-Alai Fronton
Miami, Florida
January 29, 1978
(Uncirculated CB Low Gen Reel)

JEMS 2019 Transfer: Low Gen reel at 3.75 IPS > Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX7 and Ozone 6 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Take It Easy
02 The Fuse
03 Here Come Those Tears Again
04 Late For The Sky
05 Fountain Of Sorrow
06 Your Bright Baby Blues
07 Rock Me On The Water
08 Cocaine
09 Song For Adam
10 Doctor In My Eyes
11 Running On Empty
12 Love Needs A Heart
13 You Love The Thunder
14 The Late Show
15 The Pretender
16 The Load-Out

Known Faults:
-The Load-Out: end cut
-Incomplete: missing Stay and likely The Road And The Sky

Three months ago the extended JEMS family consisting of myself, slipkid68 and slowburn convened at JEMS South meeting up with BK to do some long needed organizing and evaluating some recent acquisitions to the archives.

One of these recent acquisitions was a collection of pristine low gen reels from the collection of CB, a long time taper/trader that many of you know from our past shares of his stellar Springsteen masters. The collection of reels has already resulted in a one major upgrade and one alternate source for two European '81 Springsteen shows.

As we were organizing the reels, one spine caught my eye and hit me like a bolt of lightning "Jackson Browne Miami 1978". After spending the last year focused on Jackson's1977-1978 "Running On Empty" tour, I immediately knew Miami was, to my knowledge and research, completely uncirculated (or at least vastly under-circulated).

The "Running On Empty" Tour kicked off on August 11, 1977 still located here:
The first month of the tour were recorded resulting in the eventual release of the LP on December 6, 1977.
The first leg of the tour which resulted in the LP release appears to ran from August 11, 1977 to September 18, 1977. Other than a few benefits, an appearance on Saturday Night Live and a New Year's Eve show at the Forum in LA, the balance of the year was focused on readying and releasing the LP.

The second leg of the tour, in which this show falls. ran from January 11, 1978 to January 29, 1978 before picking up again with two benefit concerts in Dallas beginning on March 28th.

Quality of this second leg closing night is very good and the performances are top-notch but unfortunately incomplete missing "Stay" and likely "The Road And The Sky" which was the common closer for this let.

I personally can't get enough of this tour and this show easily fits in as one of the best. This is the fifth show I've had the pleasure to work on and release of this era with a few more still to go that are unfortunately on the rough side and one special surprise.

Samples and artwork included...

Thanks to BK for the transfer and the extended JEMS family....the biggest thanks goes to CB for his pristine reels and the source of another historically important show!


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