Fountain of Pleasure
Festival Hall--Osaka, Japan
November 11, 1980

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A gorgeous soundboard recording from the Hold Out Tour--the last tour on which David Lindley was a regular
member of Jackson's band. The show features some unique arrangements of several of the songs by Jackson's
outstanding band as well as a few songs seldom played before or after this tour. The recording has
eliminated most of the material between songs and unfortunately edited out the last line of The Load Out,
but this is, without doubt, the highest quality ROIO of Jackson Browne with band during the David
Lindley era.

The band:
Jackson Browne--vocals, guitars
David Lindley--guitars, etc., backing vocals
Craig Doerge--grand piano
Bill Payne--Hammond B3 organ and synthesizers
Bob Glaub--bass
Russell Kunkel--drums
Doug Haywood--guitars, backing vocals
Rosemary Butler--backing vocals

Disc 1 (69:56)
01. The Fuse
02. For Everyman
03. Here Come Those Tears Again
04. Fountain of Sorrow
05. Your Bright Baby Blues
06. You Love the Thunder
07. Call It a Loan
08. Of Missing Persons
09. Disco Apocalypse
10. That Girl Could Sing

Disc 2 (65:10)
01. Hold Out
02. Boulevard
03. Doctor My Eyes
04. Running on Empty
05. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate
06. The Pretender
07. band intros
08. Hold On Hold Out
09. The Load Out
10. Stay
11. The Road and the Sky