Jackson Browne with band
Hammersmith Odeon, London
July 15, 1982

This is a recording of the fourth of 4 consecutive nights that Jackson performed in London's Hammersmith Odeon from July 12 through July 15 in 1982. I received this show in trade from the English gentleman who recorded the show. He told me that the discs he sent me were the first copies he made from his original tapes. I don't believe that he sent copies to anyone else aside from a few friends. I traded the the show to handful of trading friends but that was it. So this show from 1982 is basically still uncirculated.

Jackson is in excellent voice for the show and plays a great setlist. The performance contains many distinctive versions of Jackson's classic songs. Fountain of Sorrow especially stands out for me. In addition, Jackson gifts the auduence with an ultra-rare performance of Long Distance Love after a request.

The sound for this 1982 analog audience recording is wonderful. There is no analog hiss whatsoever and the full range of all instruments played by Jackson's band comes through clearly.

The band:

Jackson Browne--guitar, piano, vocals
Danny Korchmar--guitar
Rick Vito--guitar
Bob Glaub--bass
Russ Kunkel--drums
Doug Haywood--keyboards, vocals

Lineage: CDR acquired in trade > EAC > HD > TLH > FLAC (level 8) > you

Disc 1 (73:15):
01. Somebody's Baby
02. That Girl Could Sing
03. Fountain of Sorrow
04. For Everyman
05. Knock on Any Door
06. Your Bright Baby Blues
07. Tender is the Night
08. Lawyers in Love
09. For a Dancer
10. The Crow on the Cradle
11. Before the Deluge

Disc 2 (63:29):
01. Boulevard
02. Doctor My Eyes
03. Running on Empty
04. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate
05. The Pretender
06. Hold On Hold Out
07. The Load Out >> Stay
08. Long Distance Love
09. Jamaica Say You Will
10. The Road and the Sky