Artist: Jackson Browne Date: 29 july 1982 Venue: Campo Sportivo City: Legnago (VR), ITALY Disc One : 1. Somebody's baby 2. That girl could sing 3. For everyman 4. Knock on any door 5. Fountain of sorrow 6. Your bright baby blues 7. Tender is the night 8. For a dancer 9. The crow on the cradle 10. Before the deluge Disc Two : 1. Boulevard 2. Doctor my eyes 3. Running on empty 4. Sleep's dark and silent gate 5. The pretender 6. Hold on hold out > 7. The load out > 8. Stay 9. The road and the sky 8. Outro CDR in trade > FLAC whit LTH level 8 Notes: Sorry I don't do MP3's - My uploads are ex unless noted otherwise. Don't sell & please don't convert to MP3 or other lossy formats. Please wait 2 weeks after my initial upload before uploading to other sites. If you upload it elsewhere: leave the info-file intact and I appreciate a note from you. This RECORDING IS MADE BY A FAN FOR FANS. DO NOT SELL ThIS RECORDING DO NOT BUY THIS RECORDINGS TRADE FREELY DO NOT CONVERT TO MP3 FORMAT. DO NOT UPLOAD ON OTHER TORRENT SITES WITHOUT PERMISSION (sent me an email) Thanks to agovigli, giona64 for help and Tom for the work 0dd1e0c8c464fc180eefdb964f60ee48 *D1 01 Somebody's Baby.flac 72a7b6b4d18d987949c2bc1e3c3051c0 *D1 02 That Girl Could Sing.flac 4338da82f69df28d60ffa5e6e5abec74 *D1 03 For Everyman.flac 5530b7a59dcdef4b3cf51f15893682e6 *D1 04 Knock on Any Door.flac 153a9728f8d83bfbc198c9edb73f5329 *D1 05 Fountain of Sorrow.flac ee901a9853e468f785ef839e47dbe02c *D1 06 Your Bright Baby Blue.flac 488e5c636db0bce8b7f75c0938da855c *D1 07 Tender is the Night.flac 9d9e9a6ff0e3a7f9fc08df46695878c0 *D1 08 For a Dancer.flac a1a38b9afc4a39e3920d9d3ea7a40469 *D1 09 The Crow on the Cradle.flac 98d89ea1654b37ff67a05a1eaab2b985 *D1 10 Before the Deluge.flac bab28ffe01b446c17f756574a97a6ee4 *D2 01 Boulevard.flac dc0720b72e44b9a29691a0541077fac6 *D2 02 Doctor My Eyes.flac d557460816e5b98a56ec37c668b739be *D2 03 Running on Empty.flac 04a1f5b19d26bda0f8328dcfff509c2a *D2 04 Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate.flac a47d73459ad8188ca0a177ee03fc4d42 *D2 05 The Pretender.flac 7e0cc53f09cbbbf4defe0151829843d6 *D2 06 Hold on Hold Out.flac 8a27303e3f6d514662294ba0d3b12046 *D2 07 The Load Out.flac 67022749343f9d20f3d1d8c6ef032a75 *D2 08 Stay.flac 163f7b284c93d2ee0368c5be2b1e47c3 *D2 09 The Road and the Sky.flac 23ea10fd649dfa0107a0afae78fe3934 *D2 10 outro.flac D1 01 Somebody's Baby.flac:c8f1a895b20b9c6893075c3ff6d28acb D1 02 That Girl Could Sing.flac:b24760c521a01170f41c281955258fe7 D1 03 For Everyman.flac:0dd39bc70086c173b8d4bd147dd54cfe D1 04 Knock on Any Door.flac:edbdbbad90001a4ae8c99e20fab54097 D1 05 Fountain of Sorrow.flac:670e13c5bf91e09135224725f8818b62 D1 06 Your Bright Baby Blue.flac:130bda6ebe152c359d99648edb9e0bd6 D1 07 Tender is the Night.flac:2bc92e42ecc45d19c23fe752d5ccbe34 D1 08 For a Dancer.flac:244b96ab644a947af075f58422428d3c D1 09 The Crow on the Cradle.flac:f9662c0c2391cb9e9c47b6e578c9cc68 D1 10 Before the Deluge.flac:3a627216d5670b89974e6bdd9c1b39fb D2 01 Boulevard.flac:de4ea065cb9f72d73e8fd705af6c129c D2 02 Doctor My Eyes.flac:a43b51a3e41eed851ac5464b7a80635f D2 03 Running on Empty.flac:06e3733406af4d23c20d5721f934e1a0 D2 04 Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate.flac:e56ce5a3851b68147856f18b4a36e70d D2 05 The Pretender.flac:bf30ef3112a37166b7b7d2b18aeb81d4 D2 06 Hold on Hold Out.flac:2be1264f7ad57d791ad36939ac25eec2 D2 07 The Load Out.flac:9b5f9e17a4ac35ae75f9cae132d0d830 D2 08 Stay.flac:18fcecaa203ff8bf2e8c693733946d07 D2 09 The Road and the Sky.flac:d1287090aed560289124ee510e08be2f D2 10 outro.flac:0cc3d8d5585a04f08ef5204807fea959