Artist: Jackson Browne
Date: 30 luglio 1982
Venue: Autodromo Santa Monica
City: Misano Adriatico

CD 1
01) Somebody’s Babe
02) That Girl Could Sing
03) For Everyman
04) Knock on Any Door
05) Fountain of Sorrow
06) Thender is the Night
07) The Crow on the Cradle
08) Before the deluge
09) Boulevard
10) Doctor my Eyes

CD 2
01) Running on Empty
02) The Load Out – Stay
03) Hold On
04) The Pretender
05) The Road and the Sky
06) Late for the Sky

Lineage: Unknow


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D1 01 Somebody's Baby.flac:0062859e94766767d4a92f4604ccea12
D1 02 That Girl Could Sing.flac:a89ecfd6a4eb65965080ca6c19a489fc
D1 03 For Everyman.flac:2f03eb3430b3c9415b9b30b2ea926789
D1 04 Knock on any Girl.flac:40d1ee3c92f5a5cda98cda8ca797fdc0
D1 05 Fountain of Sorrow.flac:4f3accccf56a03febafbed9986f6065e
D1 06 Thender is the Night.flac:48c6dab10256c93064794a8f3a359393
D1 07 The Crow on the Cradle.flac:32c2159a9bd0dcb309c64cc33303594f
D1 08 Before the Deluge.flac:a71679ea401dc6fc063a0bcb108b7726
D1 09 Boulevard.flac:fa4f6fd8dcabbd9cf30026d4cf5660af
D1 10 Doctor my Eyes.flac:cf2d05519b5a7f06bcc0f68f66a47201
D2 01 Running on Empty.flac:a429130c1a913bbef799be80b35b3d68
D2 02 The Load Out - Stay.flac:f75c408adfd0bdae69f7d9fcbb9bb408
D2 03 Hold On.flac:e164f335305ecf10dc360f87f8ed66b6
D2 04 The Pretender.flac:396970f8b3528c219ca6052aa5de4147
D2 05 The Road and the Sky.flac:59a6ef5f527f7738e0a85635168bf81e
D2 06 Late for the Sky.flac:c04c9988e6f8ce6c6a0f1e7dbe2f3e2f

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2d9db9fd2e42534c5e44f419bc61930d *D1 01 Somebody's Baby.flac
54268e4de4e7e597b027ef74b042e6a0 *D1 02 That Girl Could Sing.flac
6a530bb16eeac17370adee523f1e41fe *D1 03 For Everyman.flac
12fff65dbc4491c79ab08329bcc529b8 *D1 04 Knock on any Girl.flac
46676b9f50478836bd81c48a2ef7443d *D1 05 Fountain of Sorrow.flac
af1b00c5c5bfcebe8a7951156a19db80 *D1 06 Thender is the Night.flac
97062350bbe84c1c3fc2b84ad140b785 *D1 07 The Crow on the Cradle.flac
ec0a93274e1029bd45c7a2dc65b7fef3 *D1 08 Before the Deluge.flac
119bfc8e410238014ee75c3a0382f24b *D1 09 Boulevard.flac
c50781eb8e56f679e1febe7d50eb3c2a *D1 10 Doctor my Eyes.flac
0963d2b8c9604f2fc3d6fc2cd8d9fb40 *D2 01 Running on Empty.flac
836b6d7047b78ea9ba701d31ceb978ca *D2 02 The Load Out - Stay.flac
7fa3598cc50eb08b30c0a9e019297b2f *D2 03 Hold On.flac
abc9c5d6ced5ac98481efeee448f937c *D2 04 The Pretender.flac
b874de25f0bb96630bdb73ff3eed4e63 *D2 05 The Road and the Sky.flac
b2c04a4e53cb3f20d34e446a3c235fed *D2 06 Late for the Sky.flac