Jackson Browne
June 11, 1983
Redwood Theater, Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Santa Rosa, CA

disc one
1. Lost In The Shuffle
2. Somebody's Baby
3. Tender Is The Night
4. Lawyers In Love
5. For Everyman
6. Boulevard
7. Knock On Any Door
8. The Fuse
9. The Crow On The Cradle
TRT 45m09s

disc two
1. Til I Go Down (beginning cut - fades in)
2. Cut It Away
3. On The Day
4. That Girl Could Sing
5. Running On Empty
6. Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
7. The Pretender
8. Hold On Hold Out
9. The Crow On The Cradle
TRT 41m05s

stealth audience recording by Easy Ed.

Sony WM-R2 portable cassette deck with built in stereo microphones (TDK AD90 normal bias cassettes, Dolby off)

[playback] JVC KD-V6 (playback, with Dolby off) > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, normalize, fade in and out, track splits) > 16 bit .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries. Not burned to cdr - no EAC.

I was in the middle of the theater, probably 30 or so rows from the stage, holding the recorder in my hand, so it picked up lots of clapping and chatting, etc. This was one of my earliest audience recordings, and with my first portable recorder. It's not really that good - I would rate it a 4 or 5 on a scale of 10 compared to the entire universe of audience recordings. I offer it here because I just did the transfer and some Jackson Browne fan may be glad to have it. To me the thing that stands out in my memory about this show was when we were entering the theater, all through one entrance, and an usher/ticket-taker-person opened another entrance gate and shouted out "There's another line over here!" and my buddy shouted back "I'll take it!".