Jackson Browne
Revisiting the Albums Live
(Featuring Stories Shared)
Vol. 7--Hold Out (1983)

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This is the seventh volume in a series which looks back at Jackson Browne's commercial albums by incorporating on-stage stories and radio interviews concerning the albums and their songs with selected live performances of each song in the original order from the album. In addition to the initial trip through the album, this volume includes alternate performances of 3 of the songs.

Lawyers in Love was Jackson Browne's fourth straight Top 10 album, peaking at #8 and staying on the charts for 33 weeks. The single "Lawyers in Love" went to #13, "Tender Is the Night" went to #25, and "For a Rocker" peaked at #45.

Jackson seldom spoke about the album and has offered insight on only 4 of the songs during concert appearances and radio interviews. "Knock on Any Door" was performed a few times on Jackson's 1982 European Tour--before the album was released--but never again, not even during Jackson's 1983 Lawyers in Love Tour for the album. "On the Day" and "Cut It Away" have not been performed since that 1983 Lawyers in Love Tour. Jackson continued to play "Downtown" from time to time during the 1986 Lives in the Balance Tour but has not performed it since. "Tender Is the Night" has remained somewhat of a staple, performed both acoustically and with the band on various tours, and "For a Rocker" has been used to close some band concerts in the 1990s and 2000s. Interestingly, Jackson has apparently performed "Lawyers in Love" only a single time--acoustically in Stockholm in 2003--since the 1980s.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The intent of these volumes is to introduce you to Jackson Browne's albums or to renew your appreciation of them. All of Jackson's albums are still available, and hopefully if you don't have all of them or need new copies, this will encourage you to purchase them. They are available at Jackson's own web site (www.jacksonbrowne.com) and at Amazon.com.

01. Intro to album--Media America FM 2.21.94
02. Intro to Lawyers in Love--Wantaugh 6.29.86 & London 10.1.86
03. Lawyers in Love--Essen 3.15.86
04. Outro to Lawyers in Love--Media America FM 2.21.94
05. On the Day--Dallas 8.21.83
06. Cut It Away--Dallas 8.21.83
07. Intro to Downtown--Cedar Rapids 7.25.86
08. Downtown--Dallas 8.21.83
09. Intro to Tender Is the Night--Media America 2.21.94
10. Tender Is the Night--Legnago 7.29.82
11. Outro to Tender Is the Night--Media America 2.21.94
12. Knock on Any Door--Los Angeles (rehearsal) 1982
13. Intro to Say It Isn't True--Wantaugh 6.19.86
14. Say It Isn't True--Dallas 8.21.83
15. For a Rocker--Mountain View 8.23.86
16. Intro to Lawyers in Love (alternate acoustic version)--Stockholm 3.24.03
17. Lawyers in Love (alternate acoustic version)--Stockholm 3.24.03
18. Follow up chat to Lawyers in Love (alternate acoustic version)--Stockholm 3.24.03
19. Tender Is the Night (alternate acoustic version)--Topeka 7.1.00
20. For a Rocker (alternate version w Steve Lukather and David Paich)--Munich 6.22.96
21. Tender Is the Night (alternate version)--Los Angeles (rehearsal) 1982
22. Lawyers in Love (alternate version with early lyrics & chorus)--Berlin 6.6.82
23. silence
24. Lawyers in Love (alternate instrumental version--fades out)--Los Angeles (rehearsal) 1982

Playing on Tracks 5, 6, 8, and are:
Jackson Browne (vo, g)
Rick Vito (g, vo)
Russel Kunkel (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Craig Doerge (key)
Doug Haywood (vo, g, key)

The band for Track 10 and probably Tracks 12, 21, and 24 consists of:
Jackson Browne (vo, g)
Danny Kortchmar (g)
Rick Vito (g, vo)
Russel Kunkel (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Craig Doerge (key)
Doug Haywood (g, vo)

On Tracks 3 and 15 the band is:
Jackson Browne (vo, p, g)
Scott Thurston (key, g, vo)
Ian Wallace (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Kevin Dukes (vo, g)
Doug Haywood (key, vo, g)

Musicians performing on Track 20 are:
Jackson Browne (vo, p, g)
Mark Goldenberg (g)
Mauricio Lewak (dr)
Kevin McCormick (b)
Jeff Young (key, vo)
Scott Thurston (key, vo, g)
Valerie Carter (vo)

Jackson gives a solo acoustic performance on Tracks 17 and 19.