Jackson Browne
Revisiting the Albums Live
(Featuring Stories Shared)
Vol. 8--Lives in the Balance (1986)

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This is the eighth volume in a series which looks back at Jackson Browne's commercial albums by incorporating on-stage stories and radio interviews concerning the albums and their songs with selected live performances of each song in the original order from the album. In addition to the initial trip through the album, this volume includes alternate performances of many of the songs.

Lives in the Balance was released February 19, 1986 on Asylum Records. It reached #23 on the album charts and remained on the chart for 31 weeks. It became RIAA Certified Gold on July 8, 1986. The first single "For America" was Jackson's 10th Top 40 hit, reaching #30 on the charts. The follow-up single, "In The Shape Of A Heart", peaked at #70.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The intent of these volumes is to introduce you to Jackson Browne's albums or to renew your appreciation of them. All of Jackson's albums are still available, and hopefully if you don't have all of them or need new copies, this will encourage you to purchase them. They are available at Jackson's own web site (www.jacksonbrowne.com) and at Amazon.com.

Vol. 8 (79:33)
01. Intro to the album--In the Studio FM 5.16.94
02. Chat--For America--KLOS FM 3.3.98
03. For America--Santa Barbara 12.9.84
04. Intro to Soldier of Plenty--Saratoga Springs 6.24.86
05. Soldier of Plenty--Essen 3.15.86
06. Intro to In the Shape of a Heart--Media America FM 2.21.94
07. In the Shape of a Heart--Essen 3.15.86
08. Follow up on In the Shape of a Heart--In the Studio FM 5.16.94
09. Candy--Essen 3.15.86
10. Intro to Lawless Avenues--Santa Rosa 4.16.08
11. Lawless Avenues--Essen 3.15.86
12. Intro to Lives in the Balance--Rome 10.21.86
13. Lives in the Balance--Essen 3.15.86
14. Intro to Till I Go Down--Nagoya 1.23.87
15. Till I Go Down--Nagoya 1.23.87
16. Intro to Black and White--Rochester 10.19.96
17. Black and White--Essen 3.15.86
18. Lives in the Balance (alternate version)--San Diego 5.17.87
19. For America (early version)--San Francisco 12.9.84
20. Intro to Soldier of Plenty (unfinished early version)--San Francisco 12.9.84
21. Soldier of Plenty (unfinished early version)--San Francisco 12.9.84
22. In the Shape of a Heart (acoustic version)--Madrid 3.21.99
23. Lawless Avenues (acoustic version)--Santa Monica 3.21.99
24. Lives in the Balance (alternate version)--Hermosa Beach 10.4.07

Jackson gave a solo acoustic performance on Tracks 22 and 23.

On Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 Jackson performed with:
Scott Thurston (key, g, vo)
Ian Wallace (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Kevin Dukes (vo, g)
Doug Haywood (g, sax, key, vo)

Playing with Jackson on Track 18 were:
Sangre Machehual
David Crosby (vo)
Graham Nash (vo)

Members of Jackson's band on Tracks 19 and 21 included:
Rick Vito (g, vo)
Russ Kunkel (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Craig Doerge (key)
Doug Haywood (vo, g)

On Track 24 the artists performing with Jackson were:
Jeff Young (key)
Mauricio Lewak (dr)
Kevin McCormack (b)
Chavonne Morris (vo)
Alethea Mills (vo)