Aichi Kinrokaikan
Nagoya, Japan
January 23, 1987

Happy birthday, Jackson!

In celebration of Jackson's 66th birthday today, I'm posting this basically uncirculated, but excellent show from Nagoya in 1987. To me, this is the quintessential Jackson Browne show from the 1986-7 Lives in the Balance Tour. The long setlist--more rocking on this tour than most--contains nearly all the songs Jackson played on this tour. I just relistened to the show with the sound turned up quite loud, and the sound--from a digital audience recording--is close to flawless.

Lineage: CDRs received in trade > EAC > HD > TLH > FLAC (level 8) > You

Disc 1 (73:26):
1. Boulevard
2. Tender Is the Night
3. That Girl Could Sing
4. In the Shape of a Heart
5. Candy
6. Downtown
7. For Everyman
8. Lawyers in Love
9. Soldier of Plenty
10. Black and White
11. Late for the Sky
12. Rosie
13. Call It a Loan
14. Till I Go Down
15. Lives in the Balance

Disc 2 (52:47)
1. Lawless Avenues
2. For America
3. The Pretender
4. Running on Empty
5. Doctor My Eyes
6. Somebody's Baby
7. The Load Out>>Stay
8. For a Rocker
9. The Crow on the Cradle

The players:

Jackson Browne--vocals, piano, gutars
Scott Thurston--keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Ian Wallace--drums
Bob Glaub-bass
Kevin Dukes--guitars
Doug Haywood--guitars, saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals

Jackson's new cd, Standing in the Breach, was released 2 days ago and I would recommend to each of you to purchase it. It is excellent.