Jackson Browne
The Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA

Set I
Disc 1: 1-Running On Empty/2-In The Shape Of A Heart/3-Enough Of The Night/4-Chasing You Into The Light/5-For Everyman/6-For A Dancer/7-Call It A Loan/8-Cocaine/9-Our Lady Of The Well/10-How Long/11-Anything Can Happen
Set II
Disc 2: 1-World In Motion/2-Lives In The Balance/3-The Word Justice/4-Lawless Aveneues/5-For America/6-Band Introduction/7-The Pretender/8-When The Stone Begins To Turn/9-The Load Out/Stay/10-Before The Deluge/11-Doctor My Eyes

**The end of the Band Introduction and the beginning of The Pretender are cut.