Jackson Browne
Aug 9, 1989
Headliner Stage
California Mid-State Fair
Paso Robles, CA

Audio Technica AT-801 Omnis >Sony TC-D5
Cassette Master >CDR:
(Nakamichi CR-3A >Luxman EQ G111 >M-Audio 2496 >CoolEdit >CdrCue >Cdrwin)

Trade CDs Extracted To WAV Via xACT 2.37 >Audacity (Join Files To A Single-Track File, Amplify, Track Splits [Done On Original Track Marks]) >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.37

Recorded/Transferred By Lee
Extracted, FLAC’d, & Tagged By OldNeumanntapr

Disc I:
01. For America
02. Tender Is The Night
03. In The Shape Of A Heart
04. Enough Of The Night
05. Chasing You Into The Light
06. For Everyman
07. World In Motion
08. Anything Can Happen
09. For A Dancer*
10. Call It A Loan

Disc II:
01. Cocaine*
02. How Long*
03. Mercury Blues* (David Lindley Lead Vocals)
04. Boulevard
05. Lawless Avenues (w/ Jorge Calderon)
06. The Word Justice
07. Running On Empty
08. The Pretender

09. When The Stone Begins To Turn*
10. The Load Out/Stay*
11. Redneck Friend*

*w/David Lindley

OldNeumanntapr Notes-
This was a local SLO County show that I got in trade a while back. I could hear what sounded like motor noise on one or two of the tracks. I wasn’t sure if that was something that happened with the original record deck or if it happened during the transfer. There also appears to be some edits between songs. I know first hand how rowdy the crowds at the Paso Robles Mid-State fair can be, so this might have occurred when the recording was originally made. This night seems to have had a fairly polite quiet crowd, judging by the recording. I had to raise levels on the entire recording, as they were a bit low on the CDs. This show/recording is fairly uncirculated.

Do NOT Convert To MP3.
Enjoy! Share freely, don’t sell, play nice, don’t run with scissors, etc. ;)