Jackson Browne
Flag Is Up Farms
Solvang, CA

Front Row, Right:
Nakamichi CM-300 CP-1 Cardioids >Sony WM-D6C XLIIS Cass Master (No NR) >CDR >FLAC
(Microphones Kept Low To Avoid Detection)
XLIIS Cassette Master Transferred: Sony TC-D5M >EQ >HHb CDR 800 PRO
CD Master Extracted With xACT 2.37 >WAV >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags

Recorded, Transferred, FLAC’d & Tagged By OldNeumanntapr

01. Before The Deluge
02. I’m Alive
03. Miles Away
04. Soldier Of Plenty
05. In The Shape Of A Heart
06. World In Motion*
07. The Times You've Come*
08. Here Come Those Tears Again*
09. All Good Things
10. Lawless Avenue (aborted)
11. The Pretender

Bill Wallace For Supervisor Benefit
(Daytime Show, Minor Crowd Noise)
Performances Also By Bonnie Raitt & Jim Messina

Jackson Browne - Guitars & Vocals
Scott Thurston - Guitar
Jorge Calderon - Bass
Wally Ingram - Percussion

*w/Bonnie Raitt - Vocals

This was a benefit concert for Bill Wallace for Supervisor of Santa Barbara County and was held in a pasture of a horse ranch in Solvang, CA. The previous night’s show, at the Santa Barbara County Bowl, Bonnie nearly stopped the show because of a photographer in the orchestra pit (who was never found but you can hear security looking for him on the recording.) My friend Rick recorded that one and urged me to use caution while recording this one as it was a daytime show and we were in the front of the crowd and easily visible. The show also included sets by Bonnie Raitt and Jim Messina. I've never seen another concert there since nor even heard about one advertised. I used a stand-alone EQ to correct the frequency response a bit on this recording. Because the microphones were low to the ground to avoid detection I had to boost the high end and scale back the bass a bit.

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