Group: Jackson Browne
Date: October 24th, 1993
Location: Cambridge Theatre, London, England
Source: Ex (FM - BBC Radio 1)

Tape>PC>wav>Flac(level 6) SBE's checked with TLH

Recorded and played back on same JVC tape player.
Recorded to pc and tracks split with EAC

This is another of my old radio recordings
transfered to digital.

Track list:

01. DJ Intro
02. Doctor my eyes
03. World in motion
04. My problem is you
05. Two of me, two of you
06. Miles away
07. Too many angels
08. For everyman
09. Sky blue and black
10. Band intros
11. The pretender
12. Before the deluge
13. DJ Outro

Flac fingerprints:

01. DJ Intro.flac:7f26594b69de5532ab86c1a448b5820b
02. Doctor my eyes.flac:6f4cf7a2866d692dce22f97a3f537b0b
03. World in motion.flac:6e43e6f9b780ad61042d405693ea2cd1
04. My problem is you.flac:9104c4c2a395d5a1a6b585d5c3c31216
05. Two of me two of you.flac:84bf779455fd376cd3ff6063b1e2dc32
06. Miles away.flac:d839c71fc7789387294e39aa06d430cd
07. Too many angels.flac:5c5cad742ce86f1040b3dc5c730c84d0
08. For everyman.flac:b9f8777ce1fb2847ca5784aacd4feaef
09. Sky blue and black.flac:75a86ce6424a1452c30053751c9712b2
10. Band intros.flac:1dde830b737a07e8edb51364fb0eee57
11. The pretender.flac:6e98d51cda62bb2d6d1f3e1731e01557
12. Before the deluge.flac:c293557c5149dc44f4da99f0f04505e3
13. DJ Outro.flac:d4704eeec0e88d1b99c67f8bc31c1177