Jackson Browne
Date : Oktober 28th 1993
Location : Musikhalle , Hamburg , Germany
Lineage : Onkyo FM-Tuner>Onkyo Tape Deck (analog)>PC Music CleaninLab>

Next up , again Hamburg , again Musikhalle.
A Radiobroadcast again , recorded by myself.
The Broadcast starts with "Doctor my Eyes" as did the concert.
But the broadcasted version of the song is not from the broadcasted
Hamburg-Show.Itīs from Mailand from the same tour.
Next up is the DJ , explaining why J.Browne was unsatisfied with the
Hamburg version and why he decided to do so.
The encore-section is missing two songs that havnīt been broadcasted.
One more thing i have to admit is that i had to made a tape-change
during "Before The Deluge".
That is why the title is listed two times on Cd 2.There is a small
piece missing.
The sound-quality is very good and in stereo.
I couldnīt find this on dime , but it surely has been seeded before.
Hope there are some out there that havnīt caught it already.
Maybe you upgrade soundwise with this .
The Show is a must have i think and sound-quality is really good.

CD 1.
1. Doctor My Eyes
2. Radio-Announcer explaining Track-Change
3. Iīm Alive
4. World In Motion
5. Everywhere I Go
6. My Problem is You
7. Shape Of A Heart
8. LAte For The Sky
9. Iīll Do Anything
10. Two Of Me , Two Of You
11. Miles Away

CD 2.
1. Too many Angels
2. Everyman
3. Sky Blue and Black
4. The Pretender
5. Running On Empty
6. Radio-Announcer intro to encores
7. Before The Deluge
8. Before The Deluge
9. Linda Paloma