Jackson Browne

Performing Arts Center
Eugene, Oregon, USA

Another "must have" show of Jackson Browne and his band!
From the "I'm Alive Tour" 1993-1994:

Jackson Browne Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Marc Goldenberg Guitars, Vocals
Kevin McCormick Bass
Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak Drums
Luis Conte Percussion, Vocals
Jeffrey Young Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Thurston Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Valerie Carter Vocals

Plus Bonus from the "World In Motion" Tour 1989

Received in trade
Sound Quality: Excellent+
Ripped using EAC > FLAC level 8!

Disc 1 (75:32)

Disk 1:

01. Doctor my eyes
02. I'm alive
03. World in motion
04. Everywhere I go
05. My problem is you
06. In the shape of a heart
07. Late for the sky
08. Your bright baby blues
09. Miles away
10. Too many angels
11. For everyman
12. Boulevard
13. That girl could sing

Disc 2 (77:11)

01. Sky Blues And Black
02. The Pretender
03. Running On Empty
04. The Load-Out
05. Stay
06. Linda Paloma

07. Two Of Me Two Of You (live solo acoustic studio performance 1994)

08. For America
09. Tender Is The Night
10. Chasing You Into The Light
11. Anything Can Happen
12. For A Dancer (w/D.Lindley on fiddle)
13. Lawless Avenues ( w/Jorge Calderon on Spanish vocals)
14. The Word Justice