Royal Albert Hall
London England
June 12, 13, 14, 1994

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This is a VERY nice audience recording from Jackson Browne's June 12, 13, 14, 1994, concerts at the Royal
Albert Hall in London. All but a handful of the tracks are from the same night, but I'm not positive which one.
The show I traded for (and all copies I've seen) have included 2 bonus tracks from Jackson's Glastonberry show of
June 24, 1994, but I have chosen to omit them and upload only the tracks from the RAH performances. Posted by
request from my new friend nuguy47.

DISC 1 (67:36)
D1T01. Doctor My Eyes
D1T02. I'm Alive
D1T03. World in Motion
D1T04. Soldier of Plenty
D1T05. Everywhere I Go
D1T06. My Problem Is You
D1T07. In the Shape of a Heart
D1T08. Late for the Sky
D1T09. Rock Me on the Water
D1T10. Your Bright Baby Blues
D1T11. Take It Easy
D1T12. Our Lady of the Well

DISC 2 (67:02)
D2T01. Lives in the Balance
D2T02. Two of Me, Two of You
D2T03. Miles Away
D2T04. Too Many Angels
D2T05. For Everyman
D2T06. Boulevard
D2T07. That Girl Could Sing
D2T08. For a Dancer
D2T09. These Days
D2T10. Sky Blue and Black
D2T11. The Pretender
D2T12. Running on Empty

DISC 3 (38:03)
D3T01. The Load-Out
D3T02. Stay
D3T03. I Am a Patriot
D3T04. Rosie
D3T05. Linda Paloma
D3T06. Somebody's Baby
D3T07. Nothing but Time
D3T08. All Good Things

The band:
Jackson Browne--vocals, guitar, piano
Mark Goldenberg--guitar
Kevin McCormick--bass
Mauricio Lewak--drums and percussion
Scott Thurston--guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jeff Young--keyboards, vocals
Valerie Carter--vocals

Another Jackson Browne recording For Everyfan. Please trade freely!