VH-1 Storytellers Presents:
Jackson Browne
The Hit Factory
New York City, NY, USA
April 18, 1996

Jackson Browne - vocals, guitar, piano
Scott Thurston - guitar, piano, vocals
Mark Goldenberg - guitar, vocals
Jeff Young - Hammond organ, vocals
Kevin McCormick - bass, vocals
Mauricio Lewak - drums, vocals
Luis Conte - percussion
Vonda Shepherd - vocals

01. Running On Empty
02. Rock Me On The Water
03. Doctor My Eyes
04. Rosie
05. Barricades of Heaven (lost verse)
06. Barricades of Heaven
07. Something Fine
08. The Pretender
09. For Everyman

Cable TV > Mitsubishi HS-U650 VHS Hi-Fi
Mitsubishi HS-U650 > Fostex CR200 (CD made for my car)
eac > iZotope RX6 advanced (prep) > CD Wave > TLH

Bought a CD recorder in 1996 and started burning discs from my video recordings of TV broadcasts.
The wife and I would listen to them on our road trips.

Great performance and Jackson tells some funny stories.
"Standing in the Breach" was on one of the set lists that I found.
It may have been played but it was not broadcast over the air.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (March 2020)


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