The Barbican, York, England
July 15, 1996

Posting this as requested by my good JB friend kayjaybee. This is a nice-sounding 1996 band show with a setlist featuring songs from Jackson's new (at the time) cd Looking East combined with a great selection of some of his most popular songs from the 70s as well as a few from the late 80s and early 90s.

Disc 1 (68:40):
01. I'm Alive
02. Everywhere I Go
03. Some Bridges
04. The Barricades of Heaven
05. Fountain of Sorrow
06. I'm the Cat
07. Your Bright Baby Blues
08. For Everyman
09. Something Fine
10. For a Dancer
11. Rosie

Disc 2 (70:59):
01. In the Shape of a Heart
02. Rock Me on the Water
03. Looking East
04. Doctor My Eyes
05. Alive in the World
06. The Pretender
07. Running on Empty
08. Late for the Sky
09. It Is One
10. The Load Out >>
11. Stay
12. Take It Easy >>
13. Our Lady of the Well

The players:

Jackson Browne--vocals, guitar, piano
Mark Goldenberg--guitar
Kevin McCormick--bass
Mauricio Lewak--drums
Jeff Young--keyboards, vocals
Scott Thurston--keyboards, guitar, vocals
Valerie Carter--vocals

Lineage: cdr acquired in trade >> EAC >> HD >> TLH >> FLAC (level 8) >> you