July 11, 2000
Performing Arts Center
Topeka, Kansas

NOTE: This is my second attempt to seed this show. Several months ago I posted this but there were evidently some flawed files. I have re-extracted the show from the cd, and created all new track files and torrent files, so this is not really a reseed although the show itself is exactly the same one I tried to seed previously. All files have checked out as ok with no errors according to TLH. I sincerely apologize to anyone for whom I caused any ratio problems here at DIME the first time. A couple hundred people tried to download it previously and I am sure were frustrated when it didn't work out. This is an extemely nice show and I hope you will give it another try.


This was the first Jackson Browne solo acoustic show I ever experienced live. Following the performance, the friend who attended the show with me remarked how it was so good that he'd like to hear it again. I had heard of "bootleg recordings" so I set out to see if this was available. Eventually I stumbled across the web site of the legendary Wim Pos, and after much pleading and begging, he consented to send me a copy of the show. It always has struck me as ironic that I acquired a show performed in Topeka, KS, and recorded by a Los Angeles-based radio network from a fanatical Jackson Browne fan from Denmark!

Thus began my somewhat compulsive attempt to acquire every Jackson Browne show I could lay my hands on. Today, more than 750 JB shows later, I am still collecting--and for the last few years sharing this wonderful music.

In the pre-bit torrent days I shared this recording only with a very few people who had become my trading friends. I'm pretty sure the only copies that exist came from the discs that Wim Pos gifted me with. I doubt that he shared the show with anyone else. Unfortunately Wim, like several other of my trading friends at the time, affixed decorative labels to the discs, and discs with such labels I discovered too late become corrupted all too soon.

Since this was such a wonderful show, I wanted to replace the discs after I discovered they had been ruined, but all the people I had sent copies had either changed their email addresses or couldn't locate the show. Finally, out of the blue a couple of years later, a friend whom I had previously asked about the show contacted me saying he had come across the show and would send his discs to me.

So now several years later I have a copy of the show again and want to share it with all the JB fans here at DIME who don't have it. The sound is really excellent, Jackson's voice is strong, the setlist about as good as one could get in the summer of 2000, and, as a bonus, Jackson was extremely talkative with lots of interesting between-song conversations and song introductions.

I hope you enjoy this performance as much as I do.

Lineage: DAUD recording > Westwood One promotional copy CD acquired as gift > EAC > HD > TLH > FLAC > CDR > EAC > HD > TLH > FLAC > you

Note: There is a small glitch between the end of Take It Easy and the beginning of Our Lady of the Well which was part of the original promotional CD.

Disc 1 (72:58):
01. I'm Alive
02. In the Shape of a Heart
03. Looking into You
04. Farther On
05. The Barricades of Heaven
06. For a Dancer
07. Rosie
08. I Thought I Was a Child
09. Your Bright Baby Blues
10. Tender Is the Night
11. Rock Me on the Water
12. For Everyman

Disc 2 (71:58):
01. Late for the Sky
02. Jamaica Say You Will
03. Cocaine (rehab version)
04. Lives in the Balance
05. Something Fine
06. Here Come Those Tears Again (country version)
07. Sky Blue and Black
08. Doctor My Eyes > About My Imagination
09. These Days
10. Call It a Loan
11. Miles Away
12. Too Many Angels
13. The Pretender
14. Take It Easy
15. Our Lady of the Well