JACKSON BROWNE (solo/acoustic)
Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
Baltimore, MD (USA)
May 18, 2002
DSBD/AUD matrix

CD-R received as gift > EAC (Secure Mode) > HD > TLH > FLAC > You

This recording evidently comes from the same source (RS) as the show uploaded by the Commish yesterday. It seems I received the same dsbd/aud. matrix recording as Mexminute but from a different individual who told me he had been given the recording by an individual in the recording industry. Since the source did not want to jeopardize his standing in the industry he asked my friend not to circulate the show with anyone as it would be easily evident who had made the recording. I have never mentioned my possession of the recording to anyone, but now that it has been released following the passing of RS, I can speak up. The recording of the show I have is the same as that posted by the Commish. However, my friend was also given a recording of that afternoon's soundcheck.

I checked with the Commish to see if he minded if I posted the soundcheck and he told me to go for it. The soundcheck may be of interest to dedicated JB fans or to anyone who might want to listen to what Jackson does at one of his soundchecks. No songs are played in their entirety but it's really cool and interesting to hear Jackson play songs on his guitars and piano in different ways as he worked with his sound people to get just the right sound for the evening's show. He also debated about whether or not he wanted to go to the expense of having the show videotaped. In addition, he played snippets from a couple of songs from what would become The Naked Ride Home cd which he had not yet played in public.

The soundcheck recording I received timed out a 57 minutes, but the last 11 minutes or so are unlistenable. For some reason, either the disc I was sent (most likely) or the original recording itself contains too much noise to include. However, the first 46 minutes of the recording--except for the last minute or so at which the noise problems begin to develop--have the same wonderful matrix sound as that of the evening's performance.

So here it is--those first 46 minutes. The tracking was inserted by the person who sent me the show and really can't be designated with titles. If you're interested, I hope you enjoy this.